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Spiritual Healing – الشفاء – pdf download

Book Title Spiritual Healing
Book AuthorThaanvi Center Publication
Total Pages110
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Spiritual Healing by Thaanvi Center Publication


Book Contents

  • Chapter Preparation and few Advices    
  • Chapter Dua     
  • Chapter Preserving Health       
  • Chapter Illness     
  • Chapter Pimple, Swollen  
  • Chapter Fever     
  • Chapter Pain     
  • Chapter Insomnia    
  • Chapter Heart     
  • Chapter Forgetfulness  
  • Chapter Eye     
  • Chapter Stomach, Chest, Liver      
  • Chapter Asthma    
  • Chapter Headache    
  • Chapter Backache    
  • Chapter Urine     
  • Chapter Depression, Sad      
  • Chapter Spleen   
  • Chapter Displacement of Navel Muscle   
  • Chapter Bone Fracture       
  • Chapter Teeth    
  • Chapter Kidney   
  • Chapter Pleurisy   
  • Chapter Epilepsy   
  • Chapter Itching   
  • Chapter Paralysis   
  • Chapter Piles    
  • Chapter Cough    
  • Chapter Ear    
  • Chapter Feet    
  • Chapter Wound   
  • Appendix      
  • References     

From the Book

  • Hazrath Imaam Ibn Qayyim Jawziyya Rahimahullah writes that The Qur’an is the ultimate cure from all types of illness and sickness that attack the body and the heart and from all the calamity of world and hereafter.

Yet, not everyone is suitable or guided to successfully seek the Qur’an as cure. When the ill person successfully uses the cure contained in the Qur’an and applies it on his ailment with faith.

Sincerity, conviction , while submitting totally to it, while believing firmly and respecting its conditions, the malady will be rapidly vanquished. (Tibbe Nabawi 1)

  • Hazrat Raza Al-Ghanvi Raliyallahu anhu says that get Shifa from those, in which Allah Tha’la’s praise are present like (Quranic verses) Al Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen (Surah Faateha) or Kul Huwallahu Ahad (Surah Ikhlaas) (or other) and those who does not get Shifa (cure) with Quran then understand there is no Shifa in your destiny. (Jamee Sagheer)

5. It was mentioned in Mazahirul Haq following point.

Only Allah is the Master of good and bad, profit and loss.

Only He is the creator of cure of pain, grief and anxiety in summer and winter, during a dry and a moist spell. If should not be supposed that medicine heals by itself, poison kills, food satiates and water quenches thirst. Rather, all these things are to what we have been accustomed. Allah has made them a means.

He can grow them without these means, and He may not let them grow in spite of these means. He must know that the world of causes (and means) is subject to His Power.

He must be obedient to the command and decree of Allah and entrust all his affairs to Him so that he leads a life that is safe from the creatures and satisfied. It is reported that Prophet Musa Alayhi Wasallam complained to Allah of severe toothache once. He was instructed to apply a certain grass on his teeth.

He complied and was relieved of the pain. After a period of

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