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Sunan An Nabi
📘 Book TitleSunan An Nabi
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Sunan An Nabi by T. R. Jaffer

About the Book

Due to the untiring efforts of our past scholars, we are in possession of vast collections of ḥadith literature, some of which have been systematically arranged subject wise, mostly in sections pertaining to different legal topics, while other compilations tackle only one subject or consist of the aḥadith that were narrated from one particular person, infallible or otherwise. This book falls in the latter category.

Though it cannot be said that everything contained in this book is recommended practice, it does serve a two-fold purpose. One is that, indeed, many of the actions practiced by our great Prophet, as highlighted in the traditions, should be emulated by us and this cannot be overlooked.

However, the second and more important purpose served by this book is to give us a better and more complete picture about the life of our beloved Prophet

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