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Tafsir Jalalain Arabic Pdf Download – Written by Jalal al-Din al-Muhalla, and completed by Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti.


Tafsir al Jalalain Arabic

Tafseer al -Jalalain – English

This Quran exegesis is among the most popular books of Tafseer, especially in the Muslim countries where the Shafie school of Islamic jurisprudence is the form Madhahab. I think this is because the book was written by two prominent scholars of the Shafi school fiqh School of thought.

The first section of this great book was composed by Jalal Al-Din Al-Mahali, who began with the interpretation from Surat Al-Kahf to Surat Al-Nas in addition to Surat Al-Fatihah. Al-Suyuti began to complete the interpretation – Tafseer the part which was not interpreted by Imam al-Mahala. And that was from Surat al-Baqarah to Surat al-Isra.

Suyuti started at the beginning of the month of Ramadan in the year 870 AH and finished on the tenth of Shawwal of the same year.

Al-Mahali’s interpretation tended to be precise and considered, and Al-Suyuti took the same approach, he says in his introduction to the interpretation that he tends to “give a brief-expression by leaving out the lengthy unsatisfactory arguments, and Arabic linguistic related information that could be accessed from Arabic books.”

Some great features of Tafsir Jalalain Arabic

  • This great Quran exegesis is concise and precise
  • It focuses on giving the general meaning of the verse
  • It does not discuss scholarly arguments
  • It does not elaborate stories
  • Focuses on making the Quran as easy as possible
  • It is a portable book
  • It published mostly as simple comments on portable Quran
  • Quick and easy access
  • An many more

Downloading tafsir jalalain arabic pdf.

I will provide two versions of Tafseer al-Jalalain the one is in English which can be download from here and the Other one is in Arabic

The one in Arabic can be downloaded from my Arabic website so as the one English from Openmaktaba website that ca be accessed from the link below

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