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TARJUMAN AL-QURAN pdf download

Tarjuman al-Quran A critical analysis of Maulana Abul-Kalam Azads approach to the understanding of the Qura
📘 Book Title Tarjuman Al Quran
👤 Book AuthorMaulana Abdul Kalaam Azad
🖨️ Total Pages254
👁️ Book Views
🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Tarjuman al-Quran: A critical analysis of Maulana Abul-Kalam Azads approach to the understanding of the Quran


The ideology of the Qur’an, which instills the spirit of humanism into man and protects him from every form of exclusivism is summed up in its directive, “Believe and act righteously”: That indeed was the message of all prophets in all ages and the way of salvation.

Belief in God and work in consonance with that belief constitute the central theme of the Qur’an.

It being so, it was appropriate that the Surat al Fatiha started with an exposition of the view it held of God.

This was necessary because it was in respect of the concept of God that men had differed in the past. So it beloved the Qur’an to make clear what exactly was its position on this behalf. In the very first verse of it, the Surat-ul-Fatih asserts that the God of the Quranic vision is not the God of any particular race or group of people, but that He is God of all mankind and all forms of creation, the visible and the invisible, and one who provides sustenance appropriate to each object and regulates with every tenderness its growth and development.

 The principle underlying this arrangement, Mawlana Azad styles as Rububiyat or the attribute of providence implicit in Divinity.

This Rububiyat is not merely a mechanical process, says he. On the other hand, it is a process inspired and directed by the beneficent touch of Rahmat or divine benevolence which provides qualities of self-direction to every object and offers to man,

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