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Tazkiyah Purification of the Soul pdf download

  • Book Title:
 Tazkiyah Purification Of The Soul
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Tazkiyah Purification of the Soul


Book Contents

  • Purification of the Self 5 
  • The Reality of Tazkiyah 7
  • The Importance of Tazkiyah 8
  • Paradise for the Purified Soul 9 Hadith –
  • A Source of Tazkiyah 10
  • Tazkiyah – A Continuous Process II 
  • The Process of De-conditioning 12
  • Tazkiyah – Spiritual Nourishment 13
  • Ijtihad is not Permissible in Worship 14 
  • Tazkiyah at Every Moment 15
  • Introspection after Making a Mistake 17
  • Heart-based Tazkiyah, Mind-based Tazkiyah 1
  • The Need of a Guide 20
  • The Importance of Interaction for Tazkiyah 22 
  • Without Mediation 23 
  • Prior to Tazkiyah 25
  • Tazkiyah and Introspection 27
  • Tazkiyah and Modesty 28
  • Prophetic Prayers 29 
  • Tazkiyah and Dua 31
  • The Form of Tazkiyah 3
  • Conscience – A Guide to Tazkiyah 33 
  • The Method of Tazkiyah 34
  • The More Effective Way to Attain Tazkiyah 35 
  • What are the Means of Attaining Tazkiyah? 36
  • Tazkiyah – A Source of Intellectual Development 37 
  • Tazkiyah and Knowledge 38
  • Save Yourself from Distraction 39
  • Tazkiyah and the Demands of the Times 40 
  • The Condition of Tazkiyah 42
  • The Acceptance of Reality 43 
  • Tazkiyah and Sacrifice 44
  • Tazkiyah – A Psychological Act 46
  •  The Importance of Positive Psychology 48
  • Introspection – The Basis of Tazkiyah 50 
  • How to Engage in Introspection 51 
  • Seeing a Test Paper in Advance 52
  • Tazkiyah and Renunciation of the World 53 
  • Tazkiyah – An Act of Preparation 55
  •  Tazkiyah – A Means of Reaching God 58 
  • The Purpose of Tazkiyah 5
  • The Criterion of Tazkiyah 62
  •  Tazkiyah and Remembrance of Death 63 

Purification of the Self 

The Quran mentions four responsibilities of the Prophet, one being the purification of the self. (2:129).

The fact that this is set forth in the Scriptures underlines the importance of purification. It is, therefore, essential for believers to give first priority to the purification of the self in their lives. Similarly, it is necessary for the da’i and the reformer to attach great importance to the process of purification. 

Purification (tazkiyah) covers a number of Islamic imperatives: purifying oneself of the temptations of the self and Satan; refraining from negative reaction when faced with unpleasant experiences occasioned by others; and remaining resistant to such influences as cause man to deviate from the straight path, etc. 

The truth is that man has been created by God with an upright nature. But in the life of this world, it repeatedly happens that external factors compromise this positive aspect of his character.

 Man ought to become aware that this is an ever-present possibility and should make unremitting efforts to ward off undesirable influences. 

The task of the Prophet was always to make people aware of this principle of purification and lead them towards attaining it. In this context he should be looked upon by mankind as a unique model of self-purification. 

With his contemporaries, the Prophet’s approach to this task of tazkiyah was direct. For later generations the performance of the Prophet’s task has to be continued indirectly.

On the subject of self-purification, complete records of the Prophet’s sayings and deeds, and the sayings and deeds of the Prophet’s companions, have been preserved in the books of Sirah (the Prophet’s biography) and later generations should feel themselves 

duty-bound to seek guidance from these records. Those who can read can do so directly, while those who cannot read themselves may seek the assistance of religious scholars, so that they can  adopt that course in their lives. 

The Reality of Tazkiyah As stated in the second chapter of the Quran, one of the duties of the Prophet vis-à-vis his contemporaries was “to teach them the Scripture and wisdom, and purify them.” (2:129).

It is necessary for every believer to purify himself. Without purification, that calibre of personality, which is called in the Quran a God oriented personality (3:79), cannot be developed. The truth is that purification alone can lead man to heaven. (20:76) 

Tazkiyah literally means growth, one example of which can be seen in the tree. A tree is the result of the growth of a seed.

When a seed finds a favourable environment, it starts growing until it becomes a green, verdant tree. The same is true of the purification of man. In this sense tazkiyah also covers intellectual development. 

God has created man with great potential, and this potential of the human personality is actualized by tazkiyah. In this sense it would be right to call it the building of the human personality on a divine foundation. 

When a person accepts faith he has, in actual fact, started the journey of tazkiyah. Gradually, he becomes a purified soul, or an intellectually and spiritually developed personality. This is the man who will gain entrance into the eternal Paradise of the Hereafter. 

There is nothing mysterious about tazkiyah. Tazkiyah can be attained, not through meditation but through contemplation. This entails pondering over or thinking about oneself and the universe, and receiving intellectual sustenance for God realization.

This is the process which results in a purified personality.

There is nothing abstract about tazkiyah. It is a known reality. Tazkiyah is the result of a struggle on the part of the individual. It is not at all related to any mysterious inspiration from some supposedly saintly person. 

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