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The a Persian Treatise on Sufism pdf dpwnload

Book Title The A Persian Treatise On Sufism
Book AuthorAli bin Usman Al-Hujwiri
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The a Persian Treatise on Sufism – Kashf Al-Mahjub By Hazrat Ali bin Usman Al-Hujwiri (R.A) Preface By Hazrat Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari(R.A)


Tawawwuf is the other name (being synonymous to) Liberty or Freedom, Benevolence, abstinence from formal or showy behavior and charitable Disposition.

Although this definition of Tasawwuf has gained currency and popularity from the point of view of moral conduct among the concerned sector of people, yet this cannot be said as the comprehensive definition of this spiritual creed.

There are many learned people who also bear excellent moral character, but they cannot be regarded as Soofis and perhaps they themselves do not approve of this epithet with their name and personality.

The concept and application of this special segment of spiritual sciences has its own peculiar charm and acceptance but the people who would be prepared to acknowledge these attributes of Soofi’ism would be of a limited range of supporters of this particular trend of Tawawwuf

It is correct that the foundation – stone of true Tasmvwuf is an excellent star grade of moral conduct but being a very peculiar brand of spiritualism which the Tasawwuf is, the real definition of Tasmvvvuf would not fit in this frame.

Another aspect or feature of Tasawwuf which excels other modes of religious practices is the element of Zuhd, literal meaning, abstinence, continence or extreme devotion to the religion at the cost of even the permissible limited freedom of enjoyment of worldly affairs, mostly in respect of familial social life.

This concept of Zuhd is very close to the cult of monasticism known as ‘Rohbaniyat’, and ordinarily, this single trait of religious devotion could be taken as synonymous to Tasawwuf, but on close examination, we find that even Zuhd falls short of the definition of the creed of Tasawwuf,

in spite of the fact that the heart of the Zahid (one who has adopted the attribute of Zuhd as the mainstay of his spiritual life) remains unattracted (rather repulsive of) by the pleasures and delights of the permissible indulgence.

But the fact still remains that this trait of absolute abstinence (Zuhd) is one thing and the niceties and delicacies of Tasawwuf is another brand of thing and the twain cannot be taken as interchangeable with one another!

Some people are inclined to call an extreme devotee of worship ‘Soofi’, but this is an underestimation of Tasawwufthough this may

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