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The Alarm of Doomsday pdf download

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 The Alarm Of Doomsday
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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The Alarm of Doomsday


Book Content

  • The beginning of the end of human history
  • Gog and Magog
  • Application of the names, Gog and Magog
  • The two phases of Gog (Yajuj) and Magog (Majuj)
  • The wall of Gog and Magog
  • An intellectual barrier
  • Two aspects of Western Civilisation
  • The potential of higher realization
  • The age of the global divine call
  • The zenith of the West
  • A clarification
  • The approach of Doomsday
  • The great event of history
  • The appearance of Dajjal
  • The deception (fitna) of the Great Dajjal
  • What is Dajjaliat
  • The fitna of ungratefulness
  • Food for the human being
  • Speech and hearing
  • The law of water
  • Hatred and complaint
  • The period of the appearance of Dajjal
  • The reason for the traditions of the predictions of
  • Doomsday being worded in symbolic language
  • The negative use of opportunities
  • Dajjaliat, the fitna of religious exploitation
  • The political interpretation of religion
  • The fallacy of political interpretation
  •  The alarm of Doomsday
  • The concept of complete religion
  • The requirement of a new prophet
  • Mahdi or the Believer
  • How to recognize Mahdi
  • Fitna Duhaima (An age of utter confusion)
  • The matter of divine intervention
  • Mahdi, not Hadi
  • The announcement of truth,
  • rather than the claim of truth
  • Mahdi or Masih
  • Two aspects of the scientific revolution
  • Ikhwan-e-Rasool
  • The second coming of Masih
  • The coming of the role of Masih
  • The role of Masih
  • Waiting for Masih
  • The way to recognize the Mujaddid
  • of the final phase
  • Realization, not descending from Heaven
  • Leading the people by means of the
  • Book of God and the Sunnah of the Prophet
  • The killing of the Dajjal
  • Global warming or climatic changes as
  • the preliminary warning Signs of Doomsday
  • Change occurring on the Planet Earth
  • The appearance of Dabba
  • The predictions in the Hadith about
  • the final phase of human history
  • Global warming or divine warning
  • Conclusion 64

The beginning of the end of human history

THE QURAN IS the final revealed book of God. It was revealed to the last prophet, Mohammad (PBUH) in the first quarter of the 7th century.

 The basic theme of the Quran is to warn man of God’s creation plan, according to which the present world has been built for a limited period of time. A time will come when this world will be brought to an end, then Qiamat, or the Day of Judgement, will take place.

All human beings will be resurrected and presented before the Creator of the universe. Then, according to the record of their deeds on earth, their final fate will be decided upon.

The study of the Quran and Hadith tells us that before the end of human history on earth, some clear signs will appear, which will serve as the final warning for man. After the emergence of these signs, God will command the angel Israfil to blow the trumpet.

Then, all of a sudden, human history, having passed through its temporary phase, will enter its permanent phase.

That is to say, the blowing of the trumpet will mark the end of the phase of action and the beginning of the phase of reward.

The chief signs heralding Doomsday will be the appearance of the following :

1) Yajooj and Majooj (Gog/Magog) 2) Dajjal 3) Mahdi

4) Masih 5) Climate Change 6) Dukhan (smoke).

GOG AND MAGOG have been mentioned in two places in the Quran in verse 94 of chapter 18 and in verse 96 of chapter 21. They have also been mentioned on various occasions in the books of Hadith.

 (Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, At Tirmizi, Ibn Majah, Musnad Ahmad). Similarly, we find mention of them in the books of the Bible, e.g. in Ezkiel. In other religious books, such as the Puranas, one of the sacred books of Hinduism, they are also mentioned by the names of Koka and Vikoka. Much has been written about them in commentaries on the Hadith and Quran (Tafsir).

However, no consensus has so far emerged regarding Gog and Magog. This being so, it is necessary to reach an opinion which is academically in accordance with the relevant data.

In line with this principle, the writer has made an in-depth study of all the data, and has come to certain conclusions which are presented here.

The story of Gog and Magog is not a matter of mystery. It is something which can be understood by the inferential method.

Here, avoiding technical discussions, I shall attempt to present an academic picture of my findings.

WHO ARE GOG and Magog?

Scholars have expressed various opinions. I personally find the opinion of Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri (d 1934) the most appropriate, namely, that these terms apply to the nations of Russia, Britain and Germany. He writes:

It appears that by Gog and Magog are meant the western European nations. (Faiz al-Bari al Sahih Al Bukhari, vol. 4, p. 23)

The available information on Gog and Magog applies to European nations more than to anything else, and its being mostly in metaphorical language is the reason for this subject having been found difficult to understand.

If we keep this fact in view, it becomes almost certain that it is solely the European nations that are symbolized by Gog and Magog.

The Quran tells us that Noah’s ark ran aground on Mount Judi, which is situated on the borders of ancient Turkey.

Present day Turkey is now regarded as a part of Europe. When Noah’s ark landed here, three of his sons Ham, Sam, and Yafis (Japheth) were with him.

 Ham and Sam began their new lives in Asia and Africa, while the children of Japheth initially settled in Russia, later spreading throughout different European countries and ultimately to Australia and America.

Probably these children of Japheth who settled in Western countries are the people who are referred to as Gog and Magog. There was nothing mysterious about them.

 Nor were they destined to follow the wrong path. They were men just like any other men.

All the situations they faced were all explainable in terms of common natural laws.

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