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The Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: The Algebra of Mohammed Ben Musa
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Friedrich August Rosen
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 363
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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

( xiv )ten twice over, or words foreign tothe sense in-troduced into the text. In printing the Arabicpart, I have included in brackets many of thosewords which I found in the manuscript, thegenuineness of which I suspected, and alsosuch as I inserted from my own conjecture, tosupply an apparent hiatus.The margin of the manuscript is partially filledwith scholia in a very small and almost illegiblecharacter, a few specimens of which will be foundin the notes appended to my translation. Someof them are marked as being extracted from acommentary (+) by AL MOZAIHAFI*, pro-bably the same author, whose full name is JE-MALEDDIN ABU ABDALLAH MOHAMMED BENOMAR AL JAZA’1t AL MOZAIHAFI, and whose” Introduction to Arithmetic,” msi.)is contained in the same volume with MOHAM-MED’S work in the Bodleian library.Numerals are in the text of the work always* Wherever I have met with this name, it is writtenwithout the diacritical pints , and my pronuncia-lion rests on mere conjecture.

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