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The Beginning of Guidance pdf download

The Beginning of Guidance
Book Title The Beginning Of Guidance
Book AuthorImam Al-Ghazali
Total Pages66
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The Beginning of Guidance: The Imam and Proof of Islam by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali.

The Beginning of Guidance

Short Description

During his latter days, Abmid Muammad ibn Muammad al-Ghazl wrote Bidayat al Hidayah (translation: The Beginning of Guidance; Arabic: ). 

It’s a manual that explains the concepts of obtaining guidance through taqwa. The guidebook is easy to read and organized in the form of a daily schedule.

 The book is divided into three sections: obedience, refraining from disobedience, and companionship etiquette with God and His creation. It serves as an introduction to his key works. 

Book Contents


Part One: Acts of Devotion

  • Preamble
  • Praiseworthy Way of Waking from Sleep
  • Proper Methods of Entering the Lavatory
  • Rules of Ablution
  • Rules of Washing the Body
  • فمن يرد الله ان يهديه بشرح صدره للاسلام – قرآن ۲:۱۲۰ (Translation: “Whomsoever God wills to guide. He opens his mind to the acceptance of Islam” – Quran 6:125)
  • Rules of Cleanliness with Sand
  • Good Methods of Going to the Mosque
  • Right Methods of Entering the Mosque and Activities inside It
  • Most Excellent Processes of Passing the Time
  • Best Methods of Preparing for Ritual Prayer
  • Good Manner of Sleeping
  • How to Perform Ritual Prayer
  • Methods of Leading and Following a Ritual Prayer
  • Methods of Friday Assembly Prayer
  • Rules of Fasting

Part Two: The Avoidance of Sins

  • Preamble
  • Sins of the Body
  • Guarding against Sins of the Eye
  • Guarding against Sins of the Ear
  • Guarding the Tongue against Lying, Breaking Promises, Backbiting, Disputing, Self-glorification, Cursing
  • Invoking Evil towards Others, Ridiculing and Mocking
  • Guarding against Sins of the Stomach
  • Guarding against Sins of the Genitals
  • Guarding against Sins of the Hands
  • Guarding against Sins of the Feet
  • Conclusion
  • Sins of the Soul
  • Preamble
  • Envy
  • Ostentation
  • Conceit, Pride, and Boastfulness
  • Conclusion

Part Three: Association with God and Man

  • Methods of Companionship with God
  • Association with Students
  • Methods of Companionship with People
  • Association with Teachers
  • Association with Parents
  • Companionship with Unknown Common Men
  • Association with Friends
  • Association with Acquaintances



  • General Index
  • Index of Qur’anic Suras and Verses Cited

Long book Description

“The Beginning of Guidance” by Imam al-Ghazali is a profound and comprehensive work that provides readers with invaluable insights and guidance on the path to spiritual development and devotion. This timeless classic is divided into distinct parts, each addressing different aspects of one’s journey towards a more devout and righteous life.

Part One: Acts of Devotion
In this section, the author sets the foundation for the reader’s spiritual journey. It begins with a preamble that introduces the themes and principles that will be explored throughout the book. Imam al-Ghazali emphasizes the importance of adopting a praiseworthy way of starting the day, beginning with waking from sleep. He delves into the proper methods of entering the lavatory and outlines the rules of ablution, emphasizing the significance of ritual purity in Islamic practice. The author goes on to explore the rules of washing the body, shedding light on the importance of physical cleanliness in the life of a devout Muslim. Additionally, Imam al-Ghazali introduces the Uthmani script, found in the Quran from Madinah Mushaf, and explains its unique qualities, which make reading the Quranic text more accessible and natural.

Part Two: The Avoidance of Sins
This section delves into the essential topic of avoiding sinful behavior. The author discusses the sins of the body and provides guidance on guarding against sins of the eye, ear, tongue, and stomach. Imam al-Ghazali addresses ethical issues such as lying, breaking promises, backbiting, disputing, self-glorification, and cursing, offering advice on how to avoid these pitfalls. The book highlights the importance of humility and self-control and how these virtues play a pivotal role in living a life free from sin. The discussion extends to guarding against sins of the genitals, hands, and feet, providing readers with practical advice for leading a more virtuous life. The section concludes by emphasizing the importance of maintaining moral integrity and self-reflection to overcome the sins of the soul.

Part Three: Association with God and Man
This section explores the dynamic relationships between individuals and their Creator and fellow human beings. Imam al-Ghazali discusses the methods of companionship with God, highlighting the significance of spiritual connection and devotion. The author also provides insights into how individuals should interact with various groups, including students, teachers, parents, friends, and acquaintances. These teachings emphasize the importance of fostering positive, ethical relationships with those around us, as well as deepening one’s connection with the divine.

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