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The Book of Nikah pdf download

📘 Book Title The Book Of Nikah
👤 Book AuthorMuhammad A. Mohsin Al-Tuwaijri
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Book of Nikah


Book Contents

  • The Book of Nikah
  • The Wisdom of Marriage
  • The Procedure of the Marriage Contract Marriage Conditions
  • Nikah al – Mut’ah
  • Marrying the Kafirah Women
  • The Mahr (Islamic Dowry) of the Kafirah The Mahr (Islamic Dowry)
  • The Walimah (Wedding Banquet) Matrimonial Rights
  • The Nushoose
  • The Book of Divorce The Forms of Divorce
  • The Sunni Divorce and the Bid’ee Divorce Revocable and Irrevocable Divorce
  • Al-Khat’ (Instant Divorce) The Eeta
  • The Dthihar
  • The U’aan
  • The Procedure of Li’aan
  • The lddah
  • The Purpose of the lddah
  • There are six Categories of Mu’taddat The Ridha’ah (Breast Feeding) Alimony
  • The Maintenance of Kinship The Custody
  • The Foods of the Islamic Household The Dthakah
  • Game Animals
  • The Clothing of the Islamic Household

The book of Nikah (Marriage)

The nikah, or marriage and pairing are of the laws that Allah has passed for His creatures. Pairing applies in general to animal and vegetation.

As for man, Allah has distinguished him over the rest of His creation by assigning to him a suitable system whereby man’s dignity and honor may be maintained, and his esteem may be preserved through legal nikah. Such a procedure secures a relationship between man and woman that is based on mutual respect and consent.

Thus man’s natural needs are fulfilled in a sound manner to preserve posterity and protect woman from being a common object.

The nikah is one of the Islamic laws to which the Messenger, peace be upon him, encouraged the youth saying:

Young people! Whoever of you can afford marriage, let him get married, for marriage helps restrain the looks,l and preserve their chastity. He who cannot afford it, let him observe fasting, for fasting is a deterrent.

The Wisdom of Marriage:

  1. Marriage is a healthy environment in which the family maintains its cohesiveness and reciprocal love. It also helps maintain chastity and guards one from committing the prohibited.
  2. Marriage is the best means of reproduction and multiplication, and preserving the family lineage.
  • Marriage is the best means of fulfilling sexual needs free from related diseases.
  • Marriage fulfills the parental and maternal senses in man through having children.
  • Marriage helps maintain the sense of security, self contentment, and chastity for both husband and wife.
  • Nikah, or marriage is recommended for him who is desirous of it, and is not feared to commit fornication. Otherwise, marriage is a must for a person who fears committing fornication.
  • It is recommended to marry a woman who is religious, virgin, fertile, and beautiful.
  • It is praiseworthy for a man to see the woman

whom he intends to marry when she is accompanied by members of her family. She too has the right of looking at him for the same purpose.

  • If it is not possible for the proposing person to

see her, he may send a trustworthy woman to see her for him, who would describe her to him.

  • It is unlawful for a man to make a proposal to a woman when another Muslim has already made a

proposal to her before he declines.

  • It is unlawful to make obvious proposal to a divorced woman, or a widow who is in her iddah. 1 It is permissible however, to hint about marriage to such a woman saying, for instance, “I would like to marry a woman like you.” And she may respond by saying: “No woman would reject you”, and the like.
  • It is permissible to make direct or indirect proposal to a woman in her iddah of an irrevocable divorce.

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