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The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Vol 1 pdf download

Averros's Bidayatul mujtahid

The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer Volume 1: Bidayat al-Mujtahid wa Nihayat al-Muqtasid (Great Books of Islamic Civilization) by Ibn Rushd- بداية المجتهد ونهاية المقتصد

The Distinguished Jurist's Primer Volume 1
  • Book Title:
 The Distinguished Jurists Primer Vol 1
  • Book Author:
ibn rushd (Averroes)
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139 Mb
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Who is Ibn Rushd – Averroes?

His full name was in Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rušd. Arabic (أبو الوليد محمد ابن احمد ابن رشد)
He was born on 14 April 1126 in Córdoba, Al-Andalus (in present-day Spain). He died on 11 December 1198 in Marrakesh, Maghreb, (in present-day Morocco).

He was among the great philosophers, Jurists, and historians.
He wrote in many subjects including medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, Fikh, psychology, and physics.

Ibn Rushd’s most famous book in jurisprudence


Bidāyatu al-Mujtahid wa Nihāyat al-Muqtaswid. This book is taught in many Islamic universities all over the world.

As for Saudi Arabic, it’s among the required book for students of Sharia law (students studying Islamic law).

All students in the Islamic University of Madinah under the faculty of law at degree level must have passed this book.

This book is taught from year one up to the fourth year. If you fail the exam concerning this book in Madinah university you can’t graduate. This is how important this book is.
The great thing with the book is that it combines all the views from the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

 why you should read or download THE DISTINGUISHED JURIST’S PRIMER VOL 1

Even though Imam ibn Rushd – Averroes subscribed to the Malik school of laws, he discussed all the four Islamic school’s views in his book.
It is worth mentioning however that, Averroes rarely mentions the view of Imam Ahmad or the Hannibal school of law in his book.

This could be because of the controversy of whether he was a distinguished jurist or no.
In Islamic universities where this book is not compulsory, students choose to read this book for their benefit.

I graduated five years ago from the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, But I still find this book very useful. I do revise it time and again.

He collects information that is scattered in different books of Fikih to present it in a summarized, precise and concise form.

He presents the logic behind the varying opinions of schools, elaborating reasons for their specific views on Islamic laws matters. He exams their proof and present all of it in a short summarized form.

Looking for the information presented by Ibn Rush in Bidayatu al-Mujitahd would call for weeks, months, or even years. Looking in hundreds of Islamic Fikih books of different scholars is not a simple task. Averroes provides it all in a quick form.

In Summary, Given the nature and the value of Bidayatul Mujtahid, I guess such a book should not be missing in a Muslim scholar’s library. Actually, it should not miss in the library of any distinguished scholar. It does not matter the weather is a Muslim or not.

If she is a non-Muslim, this book will introduce her to the basics and richness of Islamic law.
Islamic jurists need it. Islamic lawyers and lawmakers need it. Even secular lawyers might find it useful.


Here right now, right here at, I give it to you free of charge for you to download. Do not forget to leave a comment in case you liked it. If you are unable to download it, let me know I will provide you with an optional link address.

There are three versions of it. The English, Turkish, and Arabic versions. Feel free to choose the version you like. You can choose all the versions if you want to.
You can always come back and check me up for some new unique books.

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