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The Fast of Ramadan – The Inner Heart Blossom pdf

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 The Fast Of Ramadan
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Everything has a limit, fire has a limit, hunger has a limit, food has a limit; every­thing has a limit. If the limit is altered in either direction, if there is too 1nuch or too little, there will be an accident. Everything should be done in a balanced manner. That is wisdom.

Whether it is the sexual arts, the sixty-four arts and sciences, or sci­ence itself, everytl1ing has a limit. Life has a limit. There is a balance. If you exceed that, it will break you. It will break your life, make you wander, and bring you difficulty, sorrow, and illness. The balance trust be maintained as you proceed.

Prayer and devotion have a limit and should be pursued precisely in accordance with your growth and development proceed with balance in keeping with wisdon1. Without vvisdon1, if you try to reach beyond the limit, something will snap. Everything requires balance. Reflect on this.

I am very old. At different times, in different countries, my age was perceived in different ways. There is no rascal like me in the world. I am the biggest rascal and the youngest one of all. I could change n1yself and assu1ne a different age. I have changed myself eleven times. This is my twelfth change. After this, the period of destruction could come about. This is my final change.

From my experience, from the aspects I studied, from living through the different ages, I have learned much. I have to bring everything into balance in order to explain these learnings to others. In each period different things needed to be done, and they had to be revealed with balance

  • Prayer has a balance.
  • Balance it according to your own capacity.
  • Wisdom has a balance consistent with your capacity, strength, and ability.
  • Life has a balance consistent with your body and your, wisdom. Sexual joys have a balance.
  • The sixty-four arts and sciences have a balance.
  • Science has a balance.
  • Sight has a balance.
  • Smell has a balance.
  • Sound has a balance.
  • If you exceed this balance, things, will break.
  • Speech has a balance; do not exceed it.
  • The body has a balance;
  • it cannot be sustained beyond a ccrtai11 point.
  • You have to proceed with balance according to your own capacity. Balance is the only thing that will not attack you.

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