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The Final Journey pdf download

  • Book Title:
 The Final Journey
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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The Final Journey


Book Contents

  • On Death’s Doorstep 7
  • We are in God’s Country 8
  • The Stage of Death 10
  • How Strange That Life Should End Like That 11
  • The Beginning, Not the End 13
  • The End of Life’s Journey 14
  • Beyond Death 15
  • From Affluence to Ashes 17
  • When the Journey Ends 18
  • Door, Not Grave 19
  • Over the Edge 21
  • The Vanity of Human Wishes 23
  • A Happy Ending to the Tragedy of Life 24
  • Death’s Lesson 26
  • The Greatest Teacher: Death 27
  • The Gathering Storm 29
  • The Great Happening 31
  • The Mirage 32
  • Rose-Coloured Spectacles 33
  • The Illusion of Freedom 35
  • Just Short of the Summit 36
  • The Other Side of Death 38
  • Five Seconds to Go 40
  • A Strange Deprivation 41
  • The Eternal Journey 43
  • Showing One’s Mettle 44
  • He Is Listening 46
  • The Day of Judgement 47
  • Man! 49
  • The Virtue of Mercy 50
  • These Sleepers! 51
  • What Will Happen That Day? 52
  • Keeping One’s Mind on Tomorrow 54
  • The Danger of Hell 55
  • When Death Will Expose Everything As False 57
  • This Hell-Bound Caravan 59
  • Fear God 61
  • When Truth is Revealed 62
  • Ray of Hope 63
  • The Result of Reaction 64
  • The Precipice 66
  • The Impending Day 67
  • The Greatest News 69
  • A Call

Book’s Introduction

The Twenty Fifth Hour is the title of a book which has been published in France, analyzing the current state of

the world. According to its author this ‘twenty fifth hour’ is the hour of doom, an hour which could arrive at any moment. Why?

Because the world is divided into two groups, both of which are committed to the total annihilation of the other.

Inevitably this will mean the annihilation of the whole human race. The blind arms race of these two blocs has turned the world into a vast storehouse of lethal weapons and is leading the world to the brink of destruction.

We certainly seem to be rushing towards it on a terrifying parallel with the final earthquake with which God will bring this world to an end.

The period of trial which God has ordained for man is then to be over and an eternal, perfect world will replace the present one. But only after God’s final earthquake.

 Then will come God’s Judgment of all human beings. Then it will be known, with terrifying certainty, whether one is to be sent to paradise or to be consigned forever to the everlasting flames of hell.

The moment is upon us. The twenty-fifth hour, the decisive hour, must be expected at any moment. Each morning we must ask ourselves if we are going to live until the evening.

And each morning we must ask ourselves if we are going to live until the next morning.

People are rightly apprehensive of nuclear warfare. But what they should most fear is the Last Trumpet with which God will announce the end of the world.

Nuclear war may or may not be a certainty, but the advent of the Day of Reckoning (Qiyamat), the Final Day is as sure as its consequences are eternal.

Eternal bliss will then be the reward for good deeds, while for bad deeds there will be nothing but eternal damnation.

I advise people to prepare for their Final Journey in preparation for this Final Day. Wahiduddin Khan

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