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The Forbidden History of Europe


It seems wild beyond belief that humanity’s earliest attempts to construct civilization were accompanied by some of the largest monuments and edifices ever attempted by our species, yet that is precisely what happened.

And today, as we spy those splendid works jutting up from the sands of Egypt and Mesopotamia, or an extremely ancient Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, who can help but wonder why ziggurat, megalith, and pyramid-builders so grand should just disappear from the face of the earth, and with them, the secret age of Colossae.

Could it be that these talented ancients just drifted off into a coma of intellectual amnesia, or do our eyes deceive us?

Their demise closed one whole chapter, one very major chapter, in human history.

With their disappearance, the guarded wisdom, secret building crafts, and technology of the ancients seemingly evaporated amidst the dark and primitive ignorance of the countryside, amongst the very people who marveled over such pathetically simple things as plowshares and scythes.

The consensus is that under pressure from Christianity and Islam, all the Iranian Magi, and the pagan Gnostic philosophers of Egypt, Babylon, and Greece, saw their respective religions as archaic, futile, and illusory, and subsequently, they abandoned their faiths without a second thought.

But is it stretching the imagination too much to believe that they happily walked away from their idols, ceremonial rites, and sanctuaries in droves, thereby relinquishing for all time everything that their ancestors had taught for the past one to two thousand years?

 In The Forbidden History of Europe, you will learn they did nothing of the sort. Instead, the most committed adherents of the ancient order chose to migrate to lands that afforded them safe repose, and with them, the old ways lived on, even into the Middle Ages.

For the greater part of them, the Orient was a natural destination.

To explain why this was so, we must regress to the age of the “Aryans” (the twice-born) and the Magi. Until now this phase of forced and self-imposed exile remained the forgotten years.

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