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 The Hadith Of The Ifk
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Abu Talhah Dawud ibn Ronald Burbank
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The Hadith of the Ifk – The Hadīth of the Slanderous Lie against- ‘A’ishah (The noblest of women and the wife of the Prophet, and the benefits that can be derived from it. By Abu Talhah Dawud ibn Ronald Burbank


From the Book

Indeed, there is no doubt that the story of Al-Ifk (The lie that was forged against the mother of the believers, ‘A’ishah alongside being an emotional story, is one that is filled with great benefits for those who reflect upon it.

Our scholars of the past and present have striven to extrapolate points of benefit from it, since there are many important lessons to be learnt from the incident.

It has in it, matters of jurisprudence related to women, matters related to dealing with a non-mahram, manners concerning that which occurs between spouses, manners related to dealing with news and information, manners relating to consultation, issues related to investigating affairs and spying, repentance – and possibly from the most prominent of them; preserving the honour of the Muslim and guarding the tongue against backbiting, slander and eating the flesh of the Muslim.

Here then, is an excellent small work translated and arranged by our noble brother, the teacher and my beloved companion Abu Talha Dawiid Burbank, and compiled by our brother Abu Ibrahim Hamn Ibn Sajidur Rahman.

This is a timely work in this present time wherein gossip, slander, defamation and outright lies against the characters of the people of truth has become commonplace.

This is another addition to the library of numerous works and writings of our noble brother. Anyone who is acquainted with his writings will know of his stringent and meticulous methodology in translation and compilation, the like of which brings tranquility to the heart of the reader or anyone wishing to take benefit.

After mentioning the full authentic text of the narration, he follows it up with points of benefit taken from the writings of both Al-Imam An NawawI in his book ‘Al-Minhiij’ – the explanation of Sahm Muslim, and likewise taken from ‘Fat-hul-Ban, the explanation of Sahm Bukharf of Al Hafidh Ibn Hajr. The points of benefit extrapolated from the

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