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The Incoherence of the Incoherence pdf download

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 The Incoherence Of The Incoherence
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ibn rushd (Averroes)
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  1. THE FIRST DISCUSSION Concerning the Eternity of the World
  2. THE SECOND DISCUSSION: The Refutation of their Theory of the Incorruptibility of the World and of Time and Motion
  3. THE THIRD DISCUSSION: The demonstration of their confusion in saying that God is the agent and the maker of the world and that the world in His product and act, and the demonstration that these expressions are in their system only metaphors without any real sense
  4. THE FOURTH DISCUSSION: Showing that they are unable to prove the existence of a creator of the world
  5. THE FIFTH DISCUSSION: To show their incapacity to prove God’s unity and the impossibility of two necessary existents both without a cause
  6. THE SIXTH DISCUSSION: To refute their denial of attributes
  7. THE SEVENTH DISCUSSION: To refute their claim that nothing cars share with the First its genus and be differentiated from it through a specific difference, and that with respect to its intellect the division into genus and specific difference cannot be applied to it
  8. THE EIGHTH DISCUSSION: To refute their theory that the existence of the First is simple, namely that it is pure existence and that its existence stands in relation to no quiddity and to no essence, but stands to necessary existence as do other beings to their quiddity
  9. THE NINTH DISCUSSION: To refute their proof that the First is incorporeal
  10. THE TENTH DISCUSSION: To prove their incapacity to demonstrate that the world has a creator and a cause, and that in fact they are forced to admit atheism
  11. THE ELEVENTH DISCUSSION: To show the incapacity of those philosophers who believe that the First knows other things besides its own self and that it knows the genera and the species in a universal way, to prone that this is so
  12. THE TWELFTH DISCUSSION: About the impotence of the philosophers to prone that Cod knows Himself
  13. THE THIRTEENTH DISCUSSION: To refute those who arm that Gad is ignorant of the individual things which are divided in time into present, past, and future
  14. THE FOURTEENTH DISCUSSION: To refute their proof that heaven is an animal mowing in a circle in obedience to God
  15. THE FIFTEENTH DISCUSSION: To refute the theory of the philosophers about the aim which moves heaven
  16. THE SIXTEENTH DISCUSSION: To refute the philosophical theory that the souls of the heavens observe all the particular events of this world
  18. THE FIRST DISCUSSION: The denial of a logical necessity between cause and effect
  19. THE SECOND DISCUSSION: The impotence of the philosophers to show by demonstrative proof that the soul is a spiritual substance
  20. THE THIRD DISCUSSION: Refutation of the philosophers’ proof for the immortality of the soul
  21. THE FOURTH DISCUSSION: Concerning the philosophers’ denial of bodily resurrection

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