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The Incoherence of the Philosophers pdf download

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 The Incoherence Of The Philosophers
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Imam Al-Ghazali
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13 Mb
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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, in the name of His greatness which transcends all limits, and His munificence which outruns all measures: To pour upon us the light of guidance, and to remove from us the darkness of ignorance and wrong-doing;

 To make us like those who saw truth as truth, and chose to follow it; and those who saw falsehood as false­ hood, and decided to eschew it; To bestow upon us the felicity which He has promised to His saints and prophets;

To initiate us, on our departure from the House of Delusion, into that happiness the  height of which cannot be scanned by the understanding, and the extent of which cannot be conjured up by the imagination ; To give us, when after deliverance from the horrors of the Doomsday we approach the  bliss of Paradise, “that which no eye ever saw, no ear ever heard, and which never occurred to the heart of man” ; and To invest with peace and bless our Prophet Muhammad, the Chosen one, the best one of all mankind ; and his noble descendants and pure companions, who were the keys to guidance, and the lamps lit in darkness. Now, I have observed that there is a class of men who believe in their superiority to others because of their greater intelligence and insight. They have abandoned all the religious duties Islam imposes on its followers.

They laugh at the positive commandments of religion which enjoin the performance of acts of devotion, and the abstinence from forbidden things. They defy the injunctions of the Sacred Law. Not only do they overstep the limits prescribed by it, but they have renounced the Faith altogether, by having indulged in diverse speculations, wherein they followed the example of those people who “turn men aside from the path of God, and seek to render it crooked; and who do not believe in the life to come.” The heresy of these people has I

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