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The Islamic Awakening pdf download

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 The Islamic Awakening
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What is Required from the Youth of this Awakening.

Firstly, the youth of this Islamic awakening must adhere to two primary so urces: Allah’s Book and the Prophet’s Sunnah. it is from these sources that they must take and derive the sound methodology that they will follow in all of their endeavours.

If the methodology of the young male and female Muslims of this awakening is not based on Allah ‘s Book and the Sun nah of Allah ‘s Prophet , according to the understanding of the pious predecessors of this Nation, then it will become a reckless and misguided awakening, and it is feared that it will destroy more thar. it will build.

Secondly, the youth of this awakening must follow the correct methodology that was applied by the chief of mankind, Mubammad , and that was then applied after him by the noble Companions (4,), and that was then applied after them by the Tabi’ iün (next generation after the Companions) as well as by those who continued to follow them until this day.

Thirdly, the youth of this awakening must be upon one word, united; their methodology must be one, and their strength must be a united strength, and that is because disunity and discord do not lead to good but instead bring joy only to the enemies of Allah in the East and in the West.

Therefore, we appeal to the scholars, callers (du’ at), and students of knowledge in ali places to forsake disunity, discord, and disagreement, and to İnstead str iv e with determination to seek out the truth and to follow it, so that they can ali meet ata single point and come to the realization that differences in opinion in certain secondary issues of jurisprudence or issues of ljtihad (issues wherein there İs no absolutely clear text that leaves no room for doubt; İssues wherein scholars are called upon to weigh the worth of different proofs and to

derive rulings from them) are inevitable, and no Nation can be saved from them. in fact, the best generation of this Nation, that of the Companions (c4,), was not saved from such d ifferences .

If each one of them is following proofs, without blindly and intransigently clinging to a view of a school of jurisprudence or of any other person or group, then they must come to know that differences in certain secondary issues of jurisprudeııce or in issues of ijtihad should not ajfect ıheir muıual affection and love.

in this book, we find that the esteemed Shaykh, Mul:ıammad Ibn Salih Al-‘Uthaymın – may Allah have mercy on him – has laid down important guidelines that the youth of this Islamic awakening should adhere to, so that İt truly becomes a blessed awakening, by the permission of Allah (1t). Within the chapters of this book, the esteemed Shaykh addresses many İssues that are specifıc to the said awakening, pointing out the correct methodology to follow as well as the mistakes to avoid. He addresses many of these İssues İn question and answer format.

I compiled the different sections of this book from a number of lectures, religious rulings, and writings of the noble Shaykh, Mul:ıammad lbn Salih Al­ ‘Uthaymın. I undertook the task of organizing the chapters and topics based on my own discretion, along with the help of some noble brothers – may Allah reward them well.

The book İs divided in the following manner:

First section: important principles and guidelines for the success of an Islamic Awakening

Second section: moderation and mildness in calling others to Islam

Third section: guidelines to the youth of this awakening (questions and answers)

The third section consists of 145 questions and answers, which contain guidelines for callers to Islam (du’ at) in general, and more specifıcally, for the youth of the present-day Islamic awakening.

Through the questions and answers, we find that the noble Shaykh clarifies the rııllng of calllng to Allah (da’ wa/ı); he also discusses the obligaıory duıies upon every caller (da’ i), tlıe way and manner in which……

The First Principle: Adhering to the Qur’an and Sunnah

My brothers, the Islamic awakening of today has pervaded ali Islamic countries, and ali praise is for Allah. It has to be understood, however, that this awakening must be established upon a solid foundation – in terms of Allah’s Book and the Sun nah of Allah’s Messenger . If it is not established upon these primary sources, then it will be a reckless and unstable awakening, which will perhaps destroy more than it will build. But if İt is built upon the principles and teachings of Allah’s Book and the authentic Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger (l;), then it wiJI have a very positive and effective influence on the Muslim Nation and on other Nations as well.

Perhaps ali of us know the long story of Abu Sufyan’s visit to Sham (today Sham consists of Syria and surrounding areas), where he met with İts ruler, Haraql, the emperor of Rome. At the time, Abo Sufyan was stili a disbeliever. During the course of their meeting, Abo Sufyan related to the emperor matters pertaining to the Prophet’s worship ofAJlah, to his rejection of idols, to his good manners, to his truthfulness, to his trustworthiness, to his good dealings, and to other matters that pertain to the Sharı’ ah he came with. Haraql (the emperor) said to Abü Sufyan, “If what you say İs the truth, then he will rule over what is underneath these two feet of mine.” 2

Who would imagine that, at the time, even the Arabs were not under his rule; in fact, the Prophet had not even conquered Makkah; he was stili considered to be an emigrant of Makkah? So who would imagine that a king such as Haraql, who ruled over so many people, would say such a statement: “lf what yoıı say is the truth, then he witl rule over what is underneath these two feet of mine?” Did what Haraql predict actually occur or not? Did the Prophet rule over what was underneath the feet of Haraql, i.e., Sham at the time, Rome

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