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The Marvels Of The Heart pdf download

📘 Book Title The Marvels Of The Heart
👤 Book AuthorImam Al-Ghazali
🖨️ Total Pages62
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Marvels Of The Heart by imam al-Ghazali

Kitab shark ajaib al-qalb 

عجائب القلب

The Marvels Of The Heart 

Book 21 of the Ihya’ulum al-din of The Revival Of The Religious Sciences 

Translated from the Arabic with an Introduction and Notes by Walter James Skellie

Some of the book contents

Chapter 1: An Exposition of the Meaning of ‘Soul,’ ‘Spirit,’ ‘Heart,’ and ‘Intelligence,’ and of the Purport of these Names 

Chapter 2: An Exposition of the Armies of the Heart 

Chapter 3: An Exposition of the Similitudes of the Heart and its Internal Armies 

Chapter 4: An Exposition of the Special Properties of the Heart of Man 

Chapter 5: An Exposition Summarizing the Qualities and Similitudes of the Heart 

Chapter 6: An Exposition of the Similitudes of the Heart as Related Specifically to Knowledge 

Chapter 7: An Exposition of the Condition of the Heart as Related to the Categories of Knowledge: Intellectual, Religious, Worldly, and Otherworldly 

Chapter 8: An Exposition of the Difference between General Inspiration ( ilham ) and Learning (taallum); and the Difference between the Sufi Way of Seeking the Unveiling of Reality and the Way of the Speculative Theologians ( nuzzar ) 

Chapter 9: An Exposition of the Difference in Rank between the Two Positions by a Tangible Example 

Chapter 10: An Exposition of the Testimony of Divine Law to the Validity of the Method of the Mystics in Gaining Experiential Knowledge, not through Instruction nor in the Ordinary Way 

Chapter 11: An Exposition of the Domination of Satan over the Heart through Evil Promptings; the Meaning of such Suggestion, and the Means of Overcoming it 

Chapter 12: A Detailed Exposition of the Ways by which Satan Enters the Heart 

Chapter 13: An Exposition of that for which Man is Held Accountable and that for which he is Pardoned and not Punished for Evil Promptings of Hearts, their Decisions, Involuntary Suggestions, and Purposes 

Chapter 14: An Exposition of whether or not Evil Promptings Can be Conceived of as Entirely Cut Off during Remembrance [of God] 

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