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The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad pdf download

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 The Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad
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Ibn Kathir
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The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad by Ibn Kathir -Book Sample

Introduction to miracles of prophet muhammad

This book, “The Miracles of the Prophet” is extracted from the famous history book, entitled “al­Bidayah wan-Nihayah” written by imam Ibn Kathir. The miracles of the Prophet were included in this encyclopedia under the heading “The signs of Prophethood”. This book is spiritual nourishment for Muslim readers as it links them to the life of our holy Prophet – it clarifies an aspect of his great character, which is supported by endless Divine power of which all the laws of the universe submit. For this reason, we observe that all creatures responded to him – with the will of Allah the Almighty- in whichever way he chose.

Trees followed him, stones praised and glorified Allah in his hand, mountains communicated with him, birds and beasts spoke to him, the Jinn submitted to him and the devils were stricken upon hearing his name. There are many more miracles, which were narrated about him. The se miracles bewildered the minds of his contemporaries and their great impact was evident in silencing the tongues of those who opposed his Message, while being a source of comfort to the believers.

The miracles of the Prophet were so numerous, that it was impossible to count them all. Narrators of Hadith reported them in authentic chains of narration that were subsequently transcribed by Muslim scholars. All the books of history and biography of the Prophet or his companions, refer to some of these great miracles. These miracles prove that Allah supported His Prophet and granted him victory over his enemies.

The transcription of these miracles started very early, under the title “The signs of prophethood”. One of the earliest authors of these miracles was lbn Qutaybah, who died in 267 AH followed by imam

Abu-Dawud as-Sajistani, who died in 275 AH who alsa wrote a book about the signs of prophecy, which was referred to by imam lbn Hajar in his book “Tahdhib at-tahdhib “.

Table of Contents

  • Translator’s Preface introduction
  • The life of the Prophet is a great miracle
  • The defınition of a miracle Types of miracles
  • Miracles of the Prophet
  • First: Moral miracles
  • The miracle of the Qur’an
  • Aspects of the miracles of the Quran
  • The miracle of his morals and attributes His honorable lineage
  • The honor of the area where he was born and raised
  • His perfect discipline and upbringing
  • His perfect creation and image His Migration from Madinah
  • His nation is the most perfect of nations
  • Second: The material signs of Prophecy
  • The sign of the splitting of the moon
  • Invoking Allah (Du’a’) for rain ((Istisqa’ prayer)
  • The miracles related to the earth
  • The spouting of water from between his fıngers
  • Food multiplies in amount in his hand
  • The tree follows the command of the Prophet
  • The weeping of the pulpit on missing the Prophet
  • The stones glorify Allah in the palm of the Prophet
  • The stones salute him
  • The Prophet throws dust into the enemies’ faces in Badr and Hunain
  • The Prophet pointed to the idols and they fell on their faces
  • The miracles related to animals
  • The story of the camel which fled
  • The story of the camel which wept and complained to the Prophet ti
  • The Messenger of Allah is informed about the poisoned sheep
  • The story of the camel of Jahir
  • The blessing of the Prophet gives power to the donkey of Halimah as­ Sa’diyah (his wet nurse)
  • The wolf who testified that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
  • The Hadith of the deer which seeks the protection of the Prophet
  • The story of the bird
  • The miracles related to the companions of the prophet
  • The story of the two men whose sticks lit the way for them
  • The man whose fingers lit the way for him
  • The miracle of Tamim ad-Dari who pushed away the fire which appeared in al­ Harrah (a mountain at the side of Madinah)
  • The story which Anas told about “al­ ‘Ala’ Ibn al- Hadrami”
  • An army which walks on the water
  • Miracles related to the cure of disease
  • The Prophet cures the boy who is suffering from epilepsy (due to being touched by the Shai!an)
  • Making Du’a’ for the woman who was
  • suffering from epilepsy
  • Making Du’a’ for the Emigrants to be cured from fever in Madinah
  • The blind man was cured when he said a Du’a’ that was taught to him by the Prophet
  • His Du’a’ is answered
  • The Prophet was asked bout certain matters, and his answer was in accordance with – the facts – that were stated in the previous books revealed to other Prophets (before his Message)
  • A. His answer about : the soul, the people of the cave and Dhul Qarnain
  • His answer about the signs of the Hour and other questions
  • The Story of the Jew who defied him
  • A Jewish boy who used to serve the Prophet ‘ believes in his Message, but his father belies him
  • Third: The Previous books give Glad Tidings (Prophecies) about him : Fourth: His Telling M about events which actually took place:
  • Fifth: His telling about future events: Sixth: The Miracles of the Prophet compared to those of the Previous Messengers: Seventh: The Night Journey al-Isra’ and al-Mi’raj

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