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The Modernist Menace to Islam - A Muslim Critique of Modern -Isms by Daniel Haqiqatjou
Book Title The Modernist Menace To Islam
Book AuthorDaniel Haqiqatjou
Total Pages289
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The Modernist Menace to Islam – A Muslim Critique of Modern -Isms by Daniel Haqiqatjou


Book Contents

  • The Self Worship of Hawking and Physics
  • Anything Except God
  • “I Love Science!” and Other Confusions
  • The Self-Defeating Nature of Atheism
  • Unintended Implications of Atheism
  • Where is the Evidence for God?
  • Secularism is Not Neutral. It is Suppression
  • The Void of the Secular
  • Banning the Hijab in Germany
  • Down with the Separation of Church and State
  • Shaking Hands in Switzerland
  • Only Tyrants Want to Replace Sharia with Religious Freedom
  • Wrapping Our Language in a Liberal Veneer Gets Us Nowhere
  • Is Democracy Better Than Islamic Governance?
  • Secularism Cannot Square the Circle
  • Religious Indoctrination and Religious Freedom
  • Islam Does Not Respect Freedom of Religion
  • The Golden Rule, Self-Worship, and Satanism
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Alcohol and Freedom
  • Hadith on Hudud, Corruption, and Equality
  • Je Suis Hypocrite
  • Is Islam About Liberty?
  • Shouldn’t We All Support Freedom of Choice?
  • Does Islam Promote Equality?
  • Spreading Religion vs. Spreading Human Rights
  • Freedom to Pursue Your Desires

The Grave Implications of Feminist Islam

The Logic of Patriarchy

Is Feminism the Cause of Women Leaving Islam?

Who Wants to Debate Patriarchy?

Islamic Law Makes it Easy for Husbands to Oppress Wives

Criticizing Feminism the Right Way

Women’s Wellbeing, Not Feminism

The Political and Social Power of Motherhood

Triple Talaq

What is Oppressive about Hijab Requirements in Some Muslim Countries?

Productive Ways to Discuss the Hijab

The French and the Hijab

Fallacies Regarding Hijab

There is No Practical Purpose for the Hijab

Hijab and Empowerment Cliches

“Hijab is About Choice” and Other Confusions

Stop Saying Dumb Things About Hijab

Non-Muslims Love Burkinis, But Why?

How Not to Argue Against the Burkini Ban

Wearing Hijab as Disobedience

Feminism and Hijab (or the Dangers of Uncritically Adopting Modernist Discourse)

Common Misconceptions About Scientific Miracles in the Quran

Do Islam and Science Ever Conflict? Yes.

There is No “Pluralism” in Science

The Reality of Science

Islam and Science in Conflict: Describing Reality

Liberalism doesn’t See Anything Wrong with Incest

Liberal Moral “Progress”: The Consent Taboo

The Fake Tolerance of Liberalism

Liberalism Is Not Merely Irrational. It Is Sheer Madness

Liberal Secularism’s Biggest Deceit

Liberal Faux-Theology

Progressivism and the Inheritors of the Pharaohs

The Incoherence of Moral Progress

We are the Latest and Greatest (Famous Last Words)

Modern vs. Traditional Conceptions of Knowledge

Muslim Savages Cannot Keep Up with Social Progress

Is Islam Relevant?

Who Is the Real “Free Thinker”?

The Logical Direction of Morality

Good Without God? Do We Need Religion to be “Good People”?

“Traditional” Muslims vs. the Modernists

Communist Islam – What We Can Learn From that Travesty

Is Islam the Reason the Muslim World Is “Backwards”? Latin America Begs to Differ

The Hypocrisy of “Islamic Reform”

Progressive and Modernist Muslim Reform

The Insight of the Faux-Traditionalist

The Modernist Playbook

Hypocrisy on Gender Separation

Knowledge vs. the Appearance of Knowledge

“American Islam”

The Western Strategy for Dominating the Muslim World

Hadith and Epistemology: Adam’s Height

The Progressives vs. the Faux-Traditionalists

The Multi-Headed Hydra of Muslim Reformism

Lizard Hole Cometh

Sex Sells, The Same Way Drugs Sell

The Sexual Misery of the Western World

There is Only One Kind of “Safe Sex”

Premarital Sex is Not a “Victim-less Crime”

“Sex is Taboo in Islam”

The Purpose of “Sex Education”

“Child Marriage” in Bangladesh


Gay Equality

Is Islam’s Prohibition of Same-Sex Behavior Discriminatory?

If We Don’t Support LGBT Rights, We Will Lose Muslim Rights?

Extrasexual Rights Now!

Are There “Gays” in Islam?

This Moment in History

  • Keeping You Misinformed is Their Job
  • Consuming Content and Its Effect on the Heart
  • The Single Eye of Modern Politics
  • How Capitalism Destroys Contentment
  • The Corporate Virus
  • Positive Psychology, Self Help, the Science of Happiness
  • The Reality of Baraka

Ramzan vs. Ramadan

  • The Value of Destruction to Modern Islamic Scholarship
  • Purifying the Mind
  • What Does it Mean to be a “Muslim Skeptic”?
  • What is the Mission of the Muslim Skeptic?
  • Why be a Muslim Skeptic?
  • A Foundational Principle for Understanding Islam in Light of Modernity
  • Confessions of a Muslim Skeptic

Book Description

“The Modernist Menace to Islam – A Muslim Critique of Modern-Isms” by Daniel Haqiqatjou delves into a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges faced by Islam in the contemporary world. This compelling book is a comprehensive critique of various modern ideologies that clash with Islamic principles.

With incisive arguments and compelling insights, Haqiqatjou examines the prevalent self-worship of science, atheism’s self-defeating nature, and the suppression of religious values in the name of secularism. The author fearlessly addresses contentious issues such as the hijab ban in Germany, the separation of church and state, and the misunderstood concept of religious freedom.

Further delving into the realm of gender equality and feminism, Haqiqatjou critically analyzes the implications of feminist ideologies on Islam, offering a balanced perspective on patriarchy and its logic. He presents a compelling case against misconceptions surrounding the hijab and provides productive ways to engage in discussions about its significance.

In a thought-provoking chapter, the book dissects the intersection of Islam and science, exploring the supposed conflicts between the two and shedding light on the reality of science within an Islamic framework. Haqiqatjou fearlessly challenges liberal ideologies and their deceptive facade of tolerance, uncovering the inherent contradictions within the liberal secular worldview.

The book also explores the impact of progressivism on the Muslim world and uncovers the hidden agendas behind modernist reforms. It raises important questions about the direction of morality, the need for religion to be virtuous, and the true essence of being a “free thinker.”

Throughout the book, Haqiqatjou’s arguments are backed by extensive research and a deep understanding of Islamic principles. His eloquent critique confronts prevailing misconceptions and challenges readers to reassess their beliefs.

“The Modernist Menace to Islam” is a must-read for those seeking an informed and authentic understanding of Islam’s place in the modern world. It offers a refreshing perspective that promotes intellectual dialogue while reaffirming the timeless values of Islam. Daniel Haqiqatjou’s insightful analysis will undoubtedly spark important discussions and encourage readers to critically examine the ideological landscape of today’s society.

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