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The Muslim Mindset, Practical Lessons In Achieving A Positive Mental Attitude
📘 Book Title The Muslim Mindset
👤 Book AuthorZakia Khalil
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The Muslim Mindset, Practical Lessons In Achieving A Positive Mental Attitude


Writer says;

The idea of living in the West made some of us feel like anything is possible.

This is precisely the vibe that America creates in many who live abroad, dreaming of one day being of the fortunate ones to feel its breeze on their faces.

 However, once people step onto American soil, a different vibe takes place altogether. Some of us begin to suffer. Some of us begin to drown in uncertainty.

Feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, we lose our sense of direction and forget how to live meaningfully or achieve the dreams deeply embedded in our core. Like myself, some of us go through the routine motions of everyday life, craving change, yet we suffer from feeling unfulfilled.

 For more than ten years, I have been searching, asking, and learning about personal change and transformation. I wanted to be the person that Allah created me to be, but I had no idea where to begin, or who that person was even supposed to be.

 I had the same burning questions and concerns as many of you, desiring and wanting to change, but I didn’t know how to do it. I realized that all change begins with one’s mindset. Once my mindset was corrected, things began to change for the better.

When I was about twelve years old, I used to ask my family members and other Muslim people whom I thought would have the answers to my questions, “What is the purpose of life?” It turned out that even Muslim adults

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