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The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained pdf download

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 The Mythology Book Big Ideas Simply Explained
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Philip Wilkinson
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The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained – Book Sample

CONTENTS – The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained


  • Gaia first gave birth to her equal, Ouranos
  • Origin of the universe
  • Rhea swaddled up a stone and passed it to Kronos to swallow
  • The birth of Zeus
  • Zeus in his first youth battered the earthborn Titans
  • The war of the gods and Titans
  • No wind beats roughly here, no snow nor rain
  • Mount Olympus
  • He bound cunning Prometheus in inescapable fetters
  • Prometheus helps mankind
  • Her impulse introduced sorrow and mischief to the lives of men
  • Pandora’s box
  • Zeus had many women, both mortal and immortal
  • The many affairs of Zeus
  • Mighty Hades who dwells in houses beneath the earth
  • Hades and the Underworld
  • He slipped a pomegranate, sweet as honey, into her hand
  • The abduction of Persephone
  • The raving ladies streamed out of their homes
  • The cult of Dionysus
  • Turning round, he caught a glimpse of his wife and she had to return
  • below
  • Orpheus and Eurydice
  • A bringer of dreams
  • Hermes’ first day
  • Athena presents the olive tree, Poseidon the wave
  • The founding of Athens
  • I will give infallible counsel to all who seek it
  • Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi
  • One loved; the other fled the name of love
  • Apollo and Daphne
  • Life and death are balanced on the edge of a razor
  • The Trojan War
  • This pair of tyrants. They murdered my father
  • Orestes avenges Agamemnon
  • Tell me oh muse, the hero’s story
  • The quest of Odysseus
  • After the labours had been accomplished, he would be immortal
  • The labours of Herakles
  • He had the face of a bull, but the rest of him was human
  • Theseus and the Minotaur
  • Disdaining his father’s warnings, the exhilarated Icarus soared ever
  • higher
  • Daedalus and Icarus
  • Watching the Gorgon’s head in the polished shield, he beheaded her
  • Perseus and Medusa
  • Hate is a bottomless cup, I will pour and pour
  • Jason and Medea
  • Unfortunate Oedipus – of all men, least to be envied!
  • The fate of Oedipus
  • She wants Adonis more than she does heaven itself
  • Aphrodite and Adonis
  • Whatever I touch, may it be transformed into tawny gold
  • King Midas
  • In a single day and night the island of Atlantis disappeared beneath the
  • waves
  • The legend of Atlantis

ANCIENT ROME – The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

  • I sing of arms and the man
  • Aeneas, founder of Rome
  • A desire seized Romulus and Remus to build a city
  • The founding of Rome
  • The father of gods spurts red flames through the clouds
  • Numa outwits Jupiter
  • Conceive of Vesta as naught but the living flame
  • Vesta and Priapus
  • The fates will leave me my voice, and by my voice I shall be known
  • The sibyl of Cumae
  • I love you as I love my own soul
  • Cupid and Psyche
  • I am on fire with love for my own self
  • Narcissus and Echo
  • She yet spins her thread, as a spider
  • Arachne and Minerva
  • I pay the due penalty in blood
  • Cybele and Attis
  • Mithras is the Lord of generation
  • Mithras and the bull
  • He carved a statue out of snow-white ivory
  • Pygmalion
  • For lying with me, take control of the hinge
  • Carna and Janus
  • No wood nymph could tend a garden more skilfuly than she
  • Pomona and Vertumnus
  • Even death shall not part us
  • Pyramus and Thisbe
  • Those whom the gods care for are gods
  • Philemon and Baucis


  • From Ymir’s flesh the earth was made
  • Creation of the universe
  • The ash of Yggdrasil is the noblest of trees
  • Odin and the World Tree
  • The first war in the world
  • War of the gods
  • They mixed honey with the blood and it turned into mead
  • The Mead of Poetry
  • Thor might smite as hard as he desired and the hammer would not fail
  • The treasures of the gods
  • Am I wrong in thinking that this little fellow is Thor?
  • The adventures of Thor and Loki in Jötunheim
  • The unluckiest deed ever done amongst gods and men
  • The death of Baldur
  • Brother will fight brother and be his slayer
  • The twilight of the gods
  • When the worm comes to the water, smite him in the heart
  • Sigurd the dragon slayer
  • Wonderful the magic sampo, plenty does it bring to northland
  • The Kalevala
  • The Dagda was eighty years in the kingship of Ireland
  • A complex god
  • As soon as he touched the earth, he was a heap of ashes
  • The voyage of Bran
  • One will be long forgetting Cúchulainn
  • The cattle raid of Cooley
  • He has the name of being the strongest and bravest man in Ireland
  • Finn MacCool and the Giant’s Causeway
  • So they took the blossoms and produced from them a maiden
  • Blodeuwedd
  • Who so pulleth out this sword is the rightwise king born of all England
  • The legend of King Arthur

ASIA – The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

  • From the great heaven the goddess set her mind on the great below
  • The descent of Inanna
  • Command and bring about annihilation and re-creation
  • Marduk and Tiamat
  • Who can rival his kingly standing?
  • The epic of Gilgamesh
  • Two spirits, one good, the other evil, in thought, word, and deed
  • Ahura Mazda and Ahriman
  • Brahma opened his eyes and realised he was alone
  • Brahma creates the cosmos
  • Siva placed the elephant’s head on the torso and revived the boy
  • The birth of Ganesha
  • king, it is wrong to gamble oneself
  • The game of dice
  • Rama is virtuous and the foremost among all righteous men
  • The Ramayana
  • I am the lady, ruler of the worlds
  • Durga slays the buffalo demon
  • O! Meenakshi! Fish-eyed goddess! Grant me bliss!
  • The fish-eyed goddess finds a husband
  • You are to be the king over all the world
  • The origins of the Baiga
  • Yang became the heavens Yin became the earth
  • Pangu and the creation of the world
  • The ten suns all rose at once, scorching the sheaves of grain
  • Yi shoots the sun
  • I’ll roam the corners of the oceans and go to the edge of the sky
  • The adventures of the Monkey King
  • Having finished making the lands, they went on to make its spirits
  • Izanagi and Izanami
  • All manner of calamities arose everywhere
  • Susanoo and Amaterasu
  • Your rice of the Skyworld is good
  • Fire and rice
  • There was a man called Dan’gun Wanggeom who created a city and
  • founded a nation
  • The legendary foundation of Korea
  • Hae Mosu made the sun shine and its rays caressed Yuwha’s body
  • Jumong

THE AMERICAS – The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

  • The Earth is a giant island floating in a sea of water
  • Cherokee creation
  • It will not be well if they omit it
  • Spider Woman
  • Begin a Deerskin Dance for it because everything will come out well
  • from that
  • The Woge settle a dispute
  • She was the shade of the whale
  • The raven and the whale
  • And the sun belongs to one and the moon to the other
  • The Hero Twins
  • So then the sun went into the sky
  • The legend of the five suns
  • In the beginning, and before this world was created, there was a being
  • called Viracocha
  • Viracocha the Creator
  • The canoe was a wonder
  • The first canoe
  • The creator of the world has always existed
  • The sky makes the sun and earth


  • I was alone with the Primeval Ocean
  • The creation and the first gods
  • Hail to you, Ra, perfect each day!
  • The night barque of Ra
  • Isis lived in the form of a woman, who had the knowledge of words of
  • power
  • Ra’s secret name
  • He will not die! Osiris will live a life forever
  • Osiris and the underworld
  • If they built fires, evil would come
  • San creation myth
  • I will give you something called cattle
  • En-kai and the cattle
  • Tie the calabash behind you and then you will be able to climb the tree
  • Ananse the spider
  • The life-force of the earth is water
  • The Dogon cosmos
  • The queen wants to kill you
  • Eshu the trickster

OCEANIA – The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

  • Come and hear our stories, see our land
  • The Dreaming
  • Spear me slowly. I still have more to teach you
  • The killing of Luma-Luma
  • The world of myth is never far-off
  • The Déma
  • Master of everything that is
  • Ta’aroa gives birth to the gods
  • Death obtained power over mankind
  • Tane and Hine-titama
  • But the redoubtable Maui was not to be discouraged
  • Maui of a thousand tricks
  • What would you say to our driving the birds to Easter Island?
  • Makemake and Haua
  • When I utter his name, he hears in the heavens
  • Mapusia and the Work of the Gods
  • I do not forget the guiding stars
  • Aluluei and the art of navigation

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