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The Other Saudis pdf download

The Other Saudis: Shiism, Dissent and Sectarianism

  • Book Title:
 The Other Saudis
  • Book Author:
Toby Matthiesen
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The other Saudis – Book Sample

Contents – the other Saudis Book

  • Introduction
  • In the Shadow of the Wahhabiyya
  • The Shia in Historiography
  • Sectarianism and Communal Politics
  • Structure of the Book
  • Politics of Notables
  • Shia Islam in Eastern Arabia
  • An Imperial Frontier
  • Political Economy of Piety
  • The Shaykhiyya and Clerical Networks
  • Ibn Saud’s Conquest of al-Ahsa and Qatif
  • The Shia Court in Qatif
  • The Shia Court in al-Ahsa
  • Conclusion
  • Oil and Dissent
  • A Saudi Workers Movement
  • Local Elections
  • Searching for the Arab Nation
  • Communists and Co-optation
  • Shia Islamism    Contents
  • The Shirazi Movement                                                         
  • The Uprising of                                                              
  • The Limits of Notable Politics                                          
  • A Decade of Confrontation                                                  
  • Revolutionary Iran and the Gulf Shia                           
  • Lost in Exile                                                                            
  • A Female Vanguard                                                              
  • A New Governor and the Decline of the Left               
  • The Hajj and Saudi-Iranian Tensions                          
  • The Line of the Imam                                                           
  • Conclusion                                                                               
  • No More Revolution                                                                 
  • The Gulf Crisis and Calls for Reform                              
  • The Petitions Movement                                                     
  • Secret Negotiations                                                              
  • The Deal with King Fahd                                                    
  • Divided Opposition and the Khobar Bombings         
  • Conclusion                                                                               
  • Marginal Recognition                                                           
  • The Integration of the Opposition                                  
  • Civil Society                                                                            
  • Shia Courts between Notables and Islamists              
  • A Saudi Public Sphere                                                         
  • Abdullah and the  Petitions                                    
  • Politics of Representation                                                   
  • An Imagined Community Online                                    
  • Conclusion                                                                               
  • A New Intifada                                                                        
  • Sectarian Clashes                                                                  
  • A Renewed Shia Protest Movement                               
  • Arrests and the Politics of Notables                               
  • The First Deaths                                                                    
  • A Manhunt and Simmering Tensions                           
  • Conclusion                                                                               
  • Conclusion: The Politics of Sectarianism                     
  • Map of Saudi Arabia page xxiv
  • Map of al-Ahsa Oasis
  • Map of the coastal areas of the Eastern Province
  • Pictures
  • Market and Ottoman fort in Hufuf
  • Tarut Island
  • Market in Hufuf
  • Fishermen in Dammam
  • Street scene in the Old City of Hufuf
  • Mansur bin Jum 雇 a
  • Rock mountain and the village of al-Qara, al-Ahsa oasis
  • Ali Abu 雇 Abd al-Karim al-Khunayzi
  • Ottoman fort and palace of the governor of al-Ahsa,
  • Hufuf
  • Entrance to the Old City of Qatif
  • Date farmer in Qatif
  • Gas station in Qatif
  • Street scene in Dammam
  • Muhammad al-Shirazi
  • Aerial view of parts of Tarut Island
  • Protest during the 1979 uprising
  • Protest on 29 November 1979 (9 Muharram 1400), Safwa
  • Protesters carry a picture of Khomeini during the 1979

The Other Saudis

Toby Matthiesen traces the politics of the Shia in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia from the nineteenth century until the present day.

 This book outlines the dificult experiences of being Shia in a Wahhabi state, and casts new light on how the Shia have mobilised politically to change their position. Shia petitioned the rulers, joined secular opposition parties, and founded Islamist movements.

Most Saudi Shia opposition activists proited from an amnesty in 1993 and subsequently found a place in civil society and the public sphere. But since 2011 a new Shia protest movement has again challenged the state. The Other Saudis shows how exclusionary state practices created an internal Other and how sectarian discrimination has strengthened Shia communal identities.

The book is based on little-known Arabic sources, extensive ield- work in Saudi Arabia, and interviews with key activists. Of immense geopolitical importance, the oil-rich Eastern Province is a crucial but little known factor in regional politics and Gulf security.

Toby Matthiesen is a Research Fellow in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge.

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