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The outshining answer about the visitors of graves pdf

Book Title The Outshining Answer About The Visitors Of Graves
Book AuthorIbn Taymiyah
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The outshining answer about the visitors of graves – Book Sample


(It is not permissible to make the chamber particular for Salah and Salam)

And particularising the chamber for Salah and Salam amounts to make it as a place of ‘Id, and he indeed forbade them from this, and he forbade them from taking his grave or the grave of others as places of worship, and he cursed those who do this so they remain vigilant that what reached others from curse does not reach them.

 And the Sahabah constituted the best of generations, they are the most knowledgeable from the community about his Sunnah and the most obedient to his orders. And when they entered his mosque, none of them would go to his grave, neither outside the chamber nor inside it.

And the chamber during their era, one could enter it from its door when ‘A’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, was residing in it, and (this was possible) after this until another wall was built, and although they had the possibility to reach his grave, they would not enter it neither for sending Salam on him nor Salah nor invocation for themselves nor for asking him about a Hadith or some knowledge.

And Shaytan would not yearn to misguide them until he would make them hear words or Salam (close to the grave) so they would think that he (the Prophet (saw)) spoke to them, gave them a religious verdict and explained to them some Ahadith, or that he returned the Salam to them with a voice heard from outside,

as Shaytan would yearn to deceive others, and he misguided them beside his grave and graves of others until they thought that the person of the grave apparently spoke to them, gave them religious verdicts,

orders and prohibitions, and that he came out from the grave and they saw him outside the grave and believed that the body of the dead itself came out from the grave and spoke to them, or that the souls of dead people took bodies for them and they saw them in the same manner as the Prophet (saw) saw them on the night of Al-Mi’raj while he was awake and not in state of sleep.

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