the path of faith
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 The Path Of Faith
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Abdul Majeed al-Zindani
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The path of faith – Book Sample


Who brought you into This World?

0 people of intellect! what would be your judgement on the man who finds himself trans­ported to a strange city• or desert without any will or desire on his part, is aware that someone brought him here and is visited by messengers from that person to guide and direct him yet in spite of that he makes no effort to get acquainted with those who can to save and guide him but instead he wages war on them while they bear his attacks and he curses them while they try to befriend him?

The intelligent person will inevitably say that the first duty of this lost man who is brought into a strange world will be to search for the one who brought him here and find out the reason for it and if there are messengers who claim to be sent by that person to guide him he must test their truthfulness and if he is convinced of their sincerity he must honour them and follow them. As for the one who is not concerned with himself or who brought him here or the messengers who are sent by Allah there is no doubt in his foolishness and stupidity.

If the intelligent man thinks about his life in this world and how he had been lifeless soil and became a perfect human being ‘And of His signs is this: He created you of dust, and behold you human beings, ranging widely!’ [01]30:20 and how vast is the diff ere nee between the world of lifeless soil which does not hear, see, think, move, do good, grow, procreate or possess any of the attributes of life and this living, moving human being who fills the earth with movement and life …

if the intelligent man thinks about the story of his transfer from the world of lifeless soil to the world of human beings and sees how the soil became a drop of sperm after first becoming food then how the sperm changed into a morsel of flesh and acquired bones and bow life and soul crept into this human embryo and how it emerged a baby and grew into manhood …

 if he thought about all of that he would conclude that he had no choice in any of these matters and would know that: his first duty was to get acquainted with the One in Whose hands lies the matter of his life and existence, the One Who brought mankind into this world without the permission or choice of mankind. ‘0 man! What hath made thee careless concerning thy Lord, the Bountiful.

Who created thee, then fashioned thee, then proportioned thee? Into whatsoever form He will, He casteth thee.’ [02]82:6-8

So what is it, 0 man, that swerved you away from your Lord Who created· you and fashioned you? Do you think that you came out of nothing? Or that it is this “nothing” which does not exist which gave you your form? Do you not know that

‘nothing” cannot create anything and that you did not create any part of yourself? ‘Or were they created out of naught? Or are they the creators?’ (52:35). If then the matter of your existence, life and creation is in the hand of Allah, Who formed and shaped you, then you must get acquainted with Him in Whose hand is your life and to Whose will you are subservient, and your ac­quaintance with Him must be the first duty on your shoulders, 0 men of intellect!

Whose property, are we?

This hand with which you work, this foot on which you walk, this tongue with which you speô€€–k, this brain with which you think, and everything which you utilise and benefit from in your body and your life: whose property is it?

Rather, whose property are you? And whose property are we all?

Property means that the owner has the free­dom to use it in whatever way he likes. Did you, therefore, choose to come into this world? Did you choose your mother and father? Did you choose your country? Or the age in which you were born? Did you choose your form and your physical, psychological and intellectual faculties? Or whether to be male or female? Do you choose to return to weakness again in old age after strength? Or ignorance after knowledge? Or sickness after health? Or death. after life? ‘Allah is He who shaped you out of weakness, then appointed after weakness strength, then, after strength,.appointed weakness and grey hair.

He createth what He will. He is the Knower, the Mighty. [03]30:54 These are the most important aspects of your life and you do not own any of them bec11use you do not have any choice in them. Do you, then, have any choice in these matters as regards your children, your relatives, your countrymen or your town? Do any of your parents or relatives or countrymen have any choice in these matters which Allah laid down for me, for you and for all mankind in the ages gone by, at the present time and in later times?

Therefore you and I are owned, and all of these nations and peoples, rulers and ruled are owned by the One who created them as He liked and brought them into this world and removed them from it and gave to each individual from amongst them the characteristics with which they were created.

Then look at your hands and feet, 0 men of intellect, did you create any part of their flesh, blood or bones, or even a single hair? Then think, did you create any portion of any man’s body b􀀑sides your own? Or did the people or nation create any portion of your body or any one else’s body? ‘Lo! Those on whom ye call beside Allah are slaves like unto you.’ [04]7: 194 Now what is your view of a person who passes by an inn or a factory or a farm or an office whose owner has left it for a moment and he enters it and begins to rearrange its contents and moves from place to place without the permission of its owner? Surely every intelligent man will declare such a person to be out of his mind for using someone else’s property without his permission.

Now ask your­self whether you are out of your mind for using property which you do not own without the owner’s permission.

If the intelligent man looks at himself· he will find that he does not own any portion of himself and that he cannot use anything without first knowing its Onwer and getting the guidance and orders from Him. ‘His verily is all creation and commandment. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!’ (7:54). For this reason, man’s first duty

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