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The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity pdf

Book Title:The Productive Muslim Where Faith Meets Productivity
Book Author:Mohammed Faris
Total Pages109
Size of Book:3 Mb
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Book contents

  • Chapter One – What is Productivity?
  • Chapter Two – Islam & Productivity
  • Chapter Three – Spiritual Productivity
  • Spiritual Energy
  • Spiritual Focus
  • Spiritual Time
  • Chapter Four – Physical Productivity
  • Physical Energy
  • Sleep Management
  • Nutrition Management
  • Fitness Management
  • Physical Focus
  • Physical Time
  • Chapter Five – Social Productivity
  • Social Energy
  • Social Focus
  • Social Time
  • Sustaining Our Social Efforts

  • Chapter Six – Linking Your Productivity to Your Goals & Vision
  • Chapter Seven – Developing Productive Habits
  • What is a Habit?
  • Changing a Habit
  • Islam and Habits
  • 7 Daily Spiritual Habits
  • Chapter Eight – Ramadan and Productivity
  • Does Fasting Kill Productivity?
  • The Ramadan Guilt Trip
  • How to Overcome Ramadan Productivity Challenges
  • Ramadan Study
  • Being Productive in Ramadan: A Non-Muslim’s Perspective
  • Chapter Nine – Productivity After Death

Book Description

“The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity” by Mohammed Faris is a transformative guide that explores the intersection of faith and productivity in the lives of Muslims. With an emphasis on Islamic principles, this book offers practical strategies and insights to help individuals enhance their productivity and lead fulfilling lives.

In the opening chapters, the author introduces the concept of productivity and its relevance in the context of Islam. He delves into the relationship between Islam and productivity, highlighting the importance of aligning one’s actions and intentions with Islamic teachings to achieve success in both worldly and spiritual endeavors.

The book explores spiritual productivity, emphasizing the significance of spiritual energy, focus, and time management. It provides guidance on nurturing one’s connection with Allah and incorporating spirituality into daily routines to enhance overall productivity.

Moving on to physical productivity, the author addresses various aspects such as managing physical energy, optimizing sleep, nutrition, and fitness. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy body as a means to increase productivity and fulfill one’s responsibilities.

Social productivity is another crucial aspect covered in the book, focusing on managing social energy, developing meaningful connections, and utilizing time effectively in social interactions. The author emphasizes the importance of sustaining social efforts and fostering positive relationships within the Muslim community and beyond.

The book also delves into the link between productivity, personal goals, and vision. It offers guidance on setting goals in alignment with Islamic values and provides practical strategies to overcome challenges and develop productive habits.

Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims, is explored in the context of productivity, addressing common misconceptions and offering practical advice to maximize productivity during this spiritually significant period. The author also includes a non-Muslim perspective on being productive during Ramadan, broadening the book’s appeal to a diverse readership.

Furthermore, the book touches upon the concept of productivity beyond this worldly life, emphasizing the significance of preparing for productivity even after death, highlighting the eternal rewards of a productive life.

Through personal anecdotes and reflections, the author shares his journey of discovering the concept of a Productive Muslim and the challenges he faced in establishing his blog, which has become a prominent Muslim lifestyle blog.

With references to Islamic literature, including the Quran, the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the history of Islamic civilization, the book reveals timeless wisdom and practical techniques for enhancing productivity available within the Islamic tradition for centuries.

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