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 The Productive Muslim Where Faith Meets Productivity
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Mohammed Faris
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Starting a book is never an easy process since it’s the beginning of a dream. However, I’ve decided to overcome this fear as there’s so much to share and because I want my dream to be a reality.

I start this book with two goals: the first is to compile everything I have discovered about productivity and how it relates to Islam; the second is to inspire you to live productive lives.

This book is not your typical ‘guru’ book, nor your typical ‘Islamic’ book, but it is a dynamic combination of both, woven in a seamless way to take you on a journey to the next level inshaAllah.

I always get asked this question: “Where did you begin? And how did you think of bringing these two topics – Productivity and Islam – together?” The truth is, it began before I was born, perhaps before you were born, somewhere in the deep scrolls of the Unseen.

It was written for me to start this project, so I simply followed my destiny. You can literally feel your entire body, mind and soul move towards achieving that goal without fear or doubt. You simply follow this path like a river across the land, between every rock, until you pour into the deep sea of knowledge that Allah has provided for humanity.

My journey actually started on a cold November morning in 2007

But enough with the philosophy. My journey actually started on a cold November morning in 2007. I woke up after a particularly deep sleep and two words hit me as I rose to begin the day: “Productive Muslim”. They seemed so suited for each other. I loved the phrase so much that I immediately booked the domain name.

My first attempt with was, in truth, an embarrassing failure. My flatmate and I started writing random blog posts about gadgets and tech. We were trying to become the and of the Muslim world. We quickly realised that we needed to define our niche much better if we were to stand out amidst the sea of bloggers. It proved to be a non-starter. I shifted my focus to earning a Masters degree, my flatmate moved on, and the first phase of ended.

Once I completed my Master, the “real” world hit me with all its expectations and responsibilities. I was completely daunted by how unfulfilling postgraduate life was. I wanted to work on something that could become my mission in life. The thought of restarting the ProductiveMuslim blog crossed my mind but brought the disappointment of my first attempt with it. I quietly parked the idea.

Young boy no older than 12 gave me the push – THE PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM: WHERE FAITH MEETS PRODUCTIVITY

It was my flatmate’s younger brother, a young boy no older than 12 perhaps, who gave me the push I needed. He sent me an email saying, “Hey, where’s your blog? How come you guys took it down? I used to enjoy reading it”. I was stunned. My site had a true fan! Someone believed in the concept of a Productive Muslim. It’s funny, but it was this glimmer of hope that kick-started what has become one of the largest Muslim lifestyle blogs in the blogosphere today, with thousands of readers and subscribers all over the world, alhamdulillah (praise be to God).

I decided to refocus ProductiveMuslim, to define what the site is really about. I had a moment of inspiration when I came across this hadith, a saying of Prophet Muhammad (s): “The early hours are blessed for my ummah [community]”. [Abu Dawud] As an early riser myself, and one who believes in the power and blessings of the early hours, this hadith struck me like a brick! Productivity gurus worldwide write hundreds of books, blog posts, and conduct thousands of seminars to teach this productivity tip, yet it’s all here in one simple, beautiful hadith.


It made me wonder if there were more in our religion that can teach us about productivity. And there is. Everywhere I looked – within the Quran, the Sirah (biography of the Prophet), or the history of Islamic civilisation – I found countless examples, ideas, tips, and techniques to boost one’s productivity. These ideas, “newly discovered” by modern productivity gurus, had been right under our noses for more than 1400 years!

This book is for every Muslim who sincerely wants to improve and become a productive citizen of the ummah.

You’ve probably read or heard the following verse from the Quran countless times: “God does not change the condition of a people [for the worse] unless they change what is in themselves. [13:11]” This book will give you the practical guidelines to apply this verse in your day-to-day life inshaAllah.

If you’re feeling helpless or frustrated that you’re not achieving much in your life and that it seems to lack direction, then this book is for you. If you feel that you have great potential but your lack of productivity hinders you from fulfilling it, this book is for you. If you’re struggling with juggling between work, studies, families, social life, and most importantly, your religious duties, this book is for you.

There’s a lot we’ll be going through together; I hope you’re ready. Because once you read this book, your productivity and the way you see your deen (religion or way of life) will never be the same, inshaAllah!

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