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The prohibited times. By Muhammad ibn Javed Iqbal ibn Mir Iqbal Ali
Book Title The Prohibited Times
Book AuthorMuhammad ibn Javed Iqbal ibn Mir Iqbal Ali
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The prohibited times. By: Muhammad ibn Javed Iqbal ibn Mir Iqbal Ali


Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Offering nafl (supererogatory) prayers in forbidden times
  • Between dawn and sunrise
  • At midday
  • Between Asr and Sunset

Book Description:

“The Prohibited Times” by Muhammad ibn Javed Iqbal ibn Mir Iqbal Ali is a concise and insightful exploration of the times when prayer is not permissible in Islam. With a heartfelt invocation to Allah and blessings upon the revered Prophet Muhammad, the book delves into the significance of recognizing moments when prayer is restricted.

This illuminating work unveils three distinct periods during which Muslims are prohibited from engaging in prayer. These crucial times encompass the period from dawn until the sun rises, the moment when the sun is directly overhead, and the span between the Asr prayer and the sun’s setting. Through meticulous explanation, the book intricately details each of these three periods, ensuring readers have a comprehensive understanding of their significance and implications.

With clarity and reverence, the author aims to raise awareness among Muslims regarding the moments when prayer is forbidden, instilling a deeper understanding of the religious practices and rituals that shape their lives. Rooted in sound scholarship and spiritual insight, “The Prohibited Times” serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to align their worship with the teachings of Islam.

As readers engage with the insightful pages of this book, they are invited to reflect on the importance of timing in prayer and gain a profound appreciation for the spiritual rhythm embedded within daily life. May this book be a source of enlightenment and guidance, and may the author’s sincerity in seeking Allah’s forgiveness for any inadvertent errors serve as an example of humility and devotion. In an ever-changing world, “The Prohibited Times” stands as a steadfast reminder of the unchanging principles that underpin the faith of millions.

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