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The Quran and the Gospels a Comparative Study pdf

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 The Quran And The Gospels
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Muhammad Abu Layla
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Islam’s Attitude Towards the Preceding Prophets

Islam is the irreducible religion of God, which was de1ivered by the prophets of the Most Holy since man was sent down to this earth. The Qur’an, the word of God, and the first and absolute source of lslam, directly acknowledges the prophets before Muhammad. lt relates their missions and struggles in the societies to which they were sent and reports their stories with accuracy and reverence.

Concerning our belief, we are commanded by God to believe in all prophets, without discrimination. But it should be noted that the Qur’an does make distinctions between God’s messengers, except on the basis of their suffering and forbearance. Ali prophets command our love and reverence. But those who underwent particular hardship and particular suffering command our special love and reverence. Jesus stands among that number with Muhammad.

Jesus, like Muhammad after him, ca1led his people to bear witness to the prophets who preceded him. Furthermore, he declared the prophethood of his contemporary John the Baptist. Jesus’ mission was declared by John, who bore witness to him as a prophet, but not as a Son of God.

Our belief in the prophets is accompanied by our belief in the Holy Scriptures, for as Muslims we hold that all of these Holy Books are the word of God, and originated from Him. The books named in the Qur’an are as follows: The Scroll revealed to Abraham, Az-Zabur revealed to David, the Torah revealed to Moses, the Gospel revealed to Jesus and the Qur’an revealed to Muhammad. I would like to note in passing that some of these books are lost, such as Abraham’s Scro11, and that others were subject to corruption and distortion.

A Muslim’s belief in Jesus must equal his belief in Muhammad himself. Whenever the name of Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an a Muslim’s eyes become full of tears and his heart fu1l of affection. Indeed, this feeling runs so deep that we give to our children the names of Jesus and Mary.

But exactly who is Jesus in whom every Muslim must believe? Is he Jesus the Christ? The suffering Messiah? Is he the etemal Son of God? The third of the triad? The one who was crucified? Is he God incarnate? Is he the Redeemer?

I do say that Jesus of the Qur’an is also of reality and not just one of the previously mentioned designations. I will therefore have to repeat my question: Who is Jesus?

Jesus in the Qur’an

Judging by the number of verses and amount of details, the information given in the Qur’an about Jesus is extensive. I would venture to say that, as a Qur’anic figure he is portrayed with more comprehensiveness than any other. it should be made clear that the Qur’an is not a historical or biographical work in a literal sense. In other words the information given about Jesus, for example, was given through Revelation, to the unlettered Muhammad, who without being an academic historian, corrected the position of Jesus as previously understood, whether by Jews or Christians.

in the Qur’an there are five things which are given special concern, especially in terms of creation. God speaks of His creation of the world in ordered sequence whereas the other four areas are of central importance to the subject of this book; they are: Adam ?nd his children, John the Baptist and Jesus himself.

Because the making of Adam differs from that of the world, the process of his creation is recorded in great detail in the Qur’an, as in 15:29 and 38:72.<t) Moreover the making of Adam’s children shows another, different, process of creation from clay, Then We created of the sperm-drop a clot, then We created of the clot a tissue, tlıen We created of the tissue bones, then We garmented the bones in flesh; thereafter We produced him as another creature. So blessed be God, the Fairest of creators!9 (23: 12-14).

in this context we may refer to the making of Eve, who in Genesis (2:21-22) was formed of Adam’s rib but in the Qur’an is created from a single soul of mankind:……

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