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The Rights of Family Members pdf download

📘 Book Title The Rights Of Family Members
👤 Book AuthorHakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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The Rights of Family Members


Book Contents

  • Dedication
  • Important details
  • The Meaning of Istiqaamat (Steadfastness)  
  • The Two Rights of Love  
  • Some Rights and Duties of a Shaikh and Mureed
  • An Amazing Dua of a Bedouin
  • The Amazing Mercy of Allah Ta’ala  
  • A Love-filled Dua in the Mathnawi  
  • The Servants Birth Right of Being a Slave
  • Success of Those Engaged in Fighting Their Nafs  
  • Every Branch of Deen is Important  
  • A Severe Warning for Those Who Do Not Forgive
  • Some Rights of One’s In-Laws  
  • The Duties and Responsibilities of the Husband and Wife
  • The Importance of the Rights of Blood Relatives  
  • The Bounds of Family Rights
  • Who Are Members of One’s Blood Ties?  
  • Usurping the Rights of In-laws
  • The Incident of Hazrat Siddeeq Akbar’s Joining of Family Ties
  • The Mercilessness of Some Mother-In-Laws  
  • The Incident of Hazrat Musa’s Merciful Nature  
  • The Signs of Allah Ta’ala‘s Beloved Servants  
  • The Rights of Parents
  • The Deduction of Making Dua for One’s Teachers and Mashaikh  
  • Hazrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiallaho Anho)
  • The Reason for Being Referred To As ‘Farouq’  
  • The Thought of Death- Silent Lecture  
  • The Manner of Attaining the Duas of All the Auliyaa in the World  
  • The meaning of
  • The Incident of Hazrat Yusuf Forgiving His Brothers  
  • The Benefit of Delaying the Acceptance of Duas  
  • The Curse of Rasulullah (Sallellaho Alaihe Wasallam) for One Disobedient to His Parents
  • The Honor and Rights of Parents  
  • The Punishment for Causing Distress to One’s Parents  
  • The Method of Being Included Amongst Obedient Children on the Days of Judgment
  • The Reward of Gazing at One’s Parents with Mercy
  • Consult With the Ulama Regarding the Fulfillment of Rights
  • Dua
  • One important advice

A Severe Warning for Those Who Do Not Forgive

Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummah Mujaddidul Millah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Saheb (Rahmatullah Alaihe) said, “When someone asks me to forgive him, then I immediately forgive him, because Ashraf Ali also wants to be forgiven. However, some teachers, in fact, parents also are foolish.

 When they are asked for forgiveness they say, “No, we will not forgive! Do not even attend our janazah!” Do you know what a severe punishment there is for not forgiving one’s Muslim brother when he requests forgiveness? Rasulullah (Sallellaho Alaihe Wasallam) said,

“He who does not accept the apology of his brother, he should not come to my Houdh (pond) of Kauther.

Think how thirsty one will be on the Day of Judgment. This person will be deprived of a glass of water from Kauthar, from the hands of the interceder on the plains of resurrection.

Some Rights of One’s In-Laws

One person with great sorrow is seeking forgiveness from someone who says, “We will never forgive you.” I say, “May Allah Ta’ala save us from this type of ignorance. In this matter, there is a necessity for parents to be corrected.

 They should study the 11th part of Behishti Zewar, the booklet of the rights of parents in which they can learn what are and what are not the rights of parents, what are the rights of their son and daughter-in-law. Today the condition of parents is such that if their son takes his wife and children to the in-laws house for Eid or he is invited to their house for Iftari, then those parents who have no religious knowledge immediately say, “Now you are the slave of your wife, you follow her commands, you will become the slave of your in-laws, we will not speak to you “what is this foolishness! Do one’s father-in-law and mother-in- law have no rights? Only you have the rights?

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Husband and Wife

On this, I remember something that I will mention. One of my friends said to me, “You always give lectures on having mercy and compassion on wives, but you never mention the rights of husband over the wife”, whereas many times I hadmentioned that if their husband sleeps displeased, then your tasbeeh and Tahajjud is all in vain.

The angles curse that woman the whole night whose husband sleeps away while being angry with her.

 What greater right of the husband can I mention? However, this poor person used to be very mindful of his wife. She was a bit temperamental.

One day laughing he said, “There is an organization of which I am the president and chairman.” I said, “Brother, this sentence is very enjoyable.” Jokingly he said, “due to Allah Ta’ala’s grandeur, for His pleasure, to bear and be patient on Allah’s servants (the wives) is not being a Mureed of women, but is amongst her rights.

 One has to bear her crookedness because she has been created from a crooked rib. Rasulullah (Sallellaho Alaihe Wasallam) said that a woman is like a crooked rib. T

his is from a narration of Bukhari Sharif. See is your crooked rib doing its work or not? If you make it straight, it will break. Leaving it crooked is beneficial for you.

Do your work with its crookedness. Therefore, be soft and compassionate in matters relating to your wife. Explain to her. Caution her from the Qur’an and Hadith so that she knows the rights of her husband.

If a wife performs Tahajjud the whole night and cries in her Sajdah, but her husband is upset with her, then she receives the curses of the angels. This Hadith is sufficient for her.

My friends! I was saying that if one’s son threats his wife kindly in accordance with the Shariah, then some parents quickly curse him, “May Allah Ta’ala make it such that you do not leave this world with Imaan, may Allah Ta’ala destroy you.” This is a great injustice and such a curse is not even permissible.

 Such parents should reform and correct themselves and they should continuously study the eleventh part of Behishti Zewar

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