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The Sacred Rawdhah by Ahmad Muhammad Shabaan

The Sacred Rawdhah

The Sacred Rawdhah is not only considered one of the most prominent monuments but a portion of the Paradise.

 It constitutes part and parcel of a magnificent age as well as the key to the treasures of incessant spirituality and ebullient emotion. 

Notwithstanding the level of eloquence one may attain he can never embrace but an incredibly minute aspect of its history just like the sip of water assimilated by one that is exceptionally thirsty on reaching to an unfathomably plangent sea. 

Though its depth remains overflowing with all the secrets and replete with all principles and values. 

Ar-Rawdhah is the place situated between the chamber of As-Sayyidah Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) and the sacred Pulpit of prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be on him). 

Demarcation of its boundary is based on what Al-Bukhary and Muslim transmitted on the authority of Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Maziny (may Allah be pleased with him) that Allah’s apostle (blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said: 

“The position between my residence and my 

pulpit is a garden among the gardens of the Paradise”‘ ! 

Being rectangular in shape, Ar-Rawdhah extends eastwards from the beginning of the Sacred Chamber to Al-Wufud Column. 

Westwards, it rests between the Sacred Pulpit to half way the (Mukabbariyyah) elevated chamber where the Muaddhin amplifies and H) Al-Bukhary vol.l, pp. 399 Hadith no. 1 137 and Muslim vol.2, pp. 1010, Hadithao* 1390. 

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