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The Secret Of The Universe book
Book Title The Secret Of The Universe
Book AuthorNathan R. Wood
Total Pages248
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The secret of the universe


Some Book Contents

  • The outer universe.13
  • Ii. The inner universe.54
  • Iii. The demand of the universe.81
  • Part ii. The problems of the universe
  • Introduction. The secret of all things . .106
  • The problem of unity.107
  • Ii. The problem of space and motion . . .109
  • Iii. The problem of space, motion and time 135
  • Iv. The problem of relativity.146
  • V. The problem of being, or existence . . 164
  • Vi. The problem of change and progress . 178
  • Vii. The problem of ethics, or the good . . 190
  • Viii. The problem of reality, or the true . 194
  • Ix. The problem of aesthetics, or the
  • Beautiful.203
  • Conclusion. The secret of the universe
  • And the riddles of the universe . 210

Book Description

The Secret of the Universe” by Nathan R. Wood is a remarkable philosophical exploration that delves deep into the fundamental mysteries of existence, from the vast expanse of the outer universe to the intricacies of the inner universe within each individual. This book is not just an intellectual endeavor; it is a twenty-five-year journey of discovery, reflection, and correspondence with people from diverse backgrounds and professions, including authors, preachers, scientists, teachers, lawyers, doctors, business professionals, and many others.

The introduction sets the stage by referencing the timeless Hebrew Singer’s awe at the heavens, emphasizing the grandeur of the universe that dwarfed human existence. The notion of “Thy heavens,” which includes the celestial bodies like the Moon and stars, is presented as an essential context for understanding the scale and beauty of the cosmos. As the Hebrew Singer marveled at the night sky, so do we continue to be awed by the immensity of the universe, thanks to modern science’s revelations.

Nathan R. Wood, in his pursuit of comprehending the universe, acknowledges the endless questions that arise as we grapple with the intricacies of existence. These questions are often referred to as “The Riddle of the Universe.” It is within the human spirit to acknowledge a riddle and seek its solution. This quest for understanding is both an intellectual and faith-driven endeavor, driven by the innate human desire to find coherence and unity in the world.

“The Secret of the Universe” is a compelling contribution to this enduring quest for meaning and understanding. While it may seem like a slim volume in terms of size, it possesses a reach as vast as the universe itself. It can be aptly described as “The Philosophy of the Universe,” encapsulating profound insights into the nature of reality and existence. President Nathan Wood’s work resonates with a sense of conquest rather than mere inquiry, as he navigates the labyrinth of human thought and perception.

The book is divided into two main parts, each offering a unique perspective on the universe’s mysteries. The first part, titled “The Pattern of the Universe,” reads like a captivating fairy tale. However, this description is not meant to imply a sense of fanciful storytelling; rather, it emphasizes the idea that truth often surpasses fiction in its complexity and wonder. As readers journey through the first part, they are treated to a vivid narrative of the universe’s outer and inner dimensions, inviting them to marvel at the intricacies of creation.

The second part, aptly named “The Problems of the Universe,” delves into the core philosophical questions that have captivated human minds for centuries. The exploration begins with the concept of unity, as Wood grapples with the problem of how all elements of the universe are interconnected. This sets the stage for deeper discussions on space, motion, time, relativity, existence, change, ethics, reality, and aesthetics. Each of these chapters delves into the nuances of these profound subjects, offering readers a thought-provoking and illuminating journey.

One of the book’s crucial strengths is its ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to a broad audience. As the author navigates through intricate philosophical landscapes, readers find themselves enlightened and engaged, not overwhelmed. Moreover, Wood’s writing demonstrates a keen analytical perspective, underlining the book’s scholarly and rational approach.

The conclusion of the book invites readers to contemplate the ultimate “Secret of the Universe” and ponder the many riddles that remain unsolved. While it is not the role of an introduction to reveal this secret, it is clear that the book offers a bold, challenging, and thoughtful perspective on the universe’s mysteries.

In an age when philosophy often recycles old ideas in new terminology, “The Secret of the Universe” emerges as a refreshing and groundbreaking work that is certain to capture the attention of those seeking a deeper understanding of existence. Whether you are a theological student, a student of life, or simply someone with a profound curiosity about the cosmos and the human experience, this book invites you to stop, look, and listen to the profound insights it offers.

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