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The travels of Ibn Battuta 3 pdf

The travels of Ibn Battuta, A.D. 1325-1354. Volume III

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 The Travels Of Ibn Battuta 3
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Hamilton Alexander, Ibn Batuta
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Ibn Battuta stay in Dihli

Now since we have related enough stories about the Sultan and of the events concerning him which took place in his days, 1 let us return to what concerns ourselves in all this, and relate the circumstances of our arrival in the first place at his court and our changes of fortune until we left his service, and our subsequent departure from the Sultan on a mission to China and our return there­ from to our own land, if God Most High will.

Account of our coming to the Sultan’s palace on our arrival during his absence. When we entered the capital of Dihli we proceeded directly to the Sultan’s court. We passed through the first door, then the second and the third, finding at each the naqibs, of whom a description has already been given, and when we came to them the chief naqib introduced us into a great and spacious audience-hall. Here we found the vizier Khwaja Jahan awaiting us. The first to go forward was ])iya al-Din Khudhawand-Zada, followed by his brother Qiwam

al-Din, then by their brother 1 ‘Imad al-Din; I came next 37s and was followed by their brother Burhan al-Din, then the amir Mubarak of Samarqand, then the Turk Arun Bugha, then Malik-Zatla, the sister’s son of Khudhawand-Zada, and fınally Badr al-Din al-Faşşal.

On entering from the third door the vast hall called Hazar Ustün, which means ‘thousand pillars’, met our eyes. Here the Sultan sits in public audience. On entering, the vizier made obeisance until his head nearly touched the ground, and we too made obeisance by inclining the body and touched the ground with our fingers, our obeisance being in the direction of the Sultan’s throne. All who were with us made obeisance also and when we finished this ceremony the naqibs cried in a loud voice Bismillah and we all retired. 1

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