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The Way To The Revival Of The muslim Ummah pdf download

Book Title The Way To The Revival Of The Muslim Ummah
Book AuthorHassan Al-Banna
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The Way To The Revival Of The Muslim Ummah – A Study of the Thinking of Imam al-Banna by Abdel Hamid H. El-Ghazali


This book is a preliminary attempt to become acquainted with a project dealing with the revival of the Muslim Ummah. It is only a partial observation of the thoughts of the Martyr Imam, Hasan al-Banna.

Despite the fact that this attempt aims at presenting a systematic and comprehensive illustration of the fundamentals of this project, it is necessary to note from the beginning, that this extensive image, as observed by the Imam, cannot be obtained except through the presentation and study of all which he wrote about or said concerning these issues.

He treated this subject clearly and comprehensively in his tracts, memoirs, lectures, attitudes, and practices.

This study necessitates a presentation and analysis of the world during the lifetime of the Imam, including its symbols, issues, and circumstances.

This is necessary in order to define and unify the terms and concepts connected to the framework and elements of the project. These elements include the objectives, means, policies, procedures, call, mechanism, accomplishment, follow-up, and rectification.

 It is of primary importance that this way is followed, to keep up with new issues and developments, and to remove the obstacles from the way towards the prospective revival.

Examining some of the tracts of the Imam, especially the tracts Between Yesterday and Today, The Fifth Conference, The Sixth Conference, and Towards the Light, gives a complimentary and clear portrayal of the framework that the Imam prepared as a means towards the revival.

Other tracts include Our Call, To What Do We Invite Humanity?, and The Muslim Brotherhood Under the Standard of the Qur’an, which draw the principal frame of this path. Additionally, the two tracts Are We Practical People? and Our Problems in the Light of the Islamic System present the practical model of this project.

The Imam illustrated his ideas in this respect easily and rhetorically, with shar’i proofs, concentrating on the education of people, giving preference to the practical side, affirming gradual processing, and keeping away from the points of difference.

All these aspects are coupled with a deep belief in the comprehensive nature of Islam regarding all fields of reformation, until the end of the world.

This is because Islam is an ideology, belief, system, and approach; it is limited to neither place nor race; it is directed to all nations until the Day of Resurrection, for it is an order set by the Lord of the worlds and a method introduced by His Messenger (PBUH).

This book consists of an introduction. three parts, and a conclusion. The introduction outlines the reasons for this attempt and the methodology it incorporates.

The first part contains the pillars of the revival; the second part deals with the basic elements of the call for this project of the revival, and the third part discusses the construction of the model state according to the project of the revival. The research is concluded with the tract The Muslims Brotherhood Under the Standard of the

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