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The Whirling Ecstasy by Aflaki pdf download

Book Title The Whirling Ecstasy By Aflaki
Book AuthorAflaki
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The Whirling Ecstasy by Aflaki

This booklet is a selection from Aflaki’s ‘The Lives of the Gnostics,’ written between 1318 and 1335 as a disciple of the poet’s grandson.

The Whirling Ecstasy by Aflaki

Jelal-ed-din Rumi was born at Balkh, Persia, in 1207, and died at Konya, Turkey, in 1273.

He founded the order of Mevlevi or whirling dervishes, and his chief work is the Mathnawi, an epic poem which expresses their mystical path. It was translated into English by Reynold Nicholson (6 volumes, London, 1926).

 This booklet is a selection from ‘The Lives of the Gnostics’ by Aflaki, disciple of the poet’s grandson, written between 1318 and 1335.It was translated into Lrench by C. Huart under the title ‘Les Saints des Derviches Tourneurs’ (Paris 1918-22). 

The heart is like a grain, we resemble the mill;  does the latter know why it turns? 

The body is like the mill, thoughts are the water which makes it turn; the mill creaks and the water recognises its movement. 

The water says: Ask the miller, who sends this water down the mill-stream? And the miller will tell thee: O eater of bread, if the mill turned not, who would be baker? Many strange things will happen: silence! Ask God to inform thee. 

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