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Understand Arabic free pdf download here

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 Understand Arabic
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Understand Arabic in just 12 coloured Tables!

Yes, only 35 pages!

What did people who know Arabic say about these lessons?

“I think they are excellent ” – (petal)

“you summed up the entire basic arabic language into twelve tables, and all I have to do is learn these and then learn vocab, and I’ll be able to understand

some Arabic?

if this is what you’re saying, then you’re probably some kind of crazy genius; barakallahu feek”

– (Abdul Qayyum – wanting to learn Arabic)

Jazaka Allahu ahsanal-jaza for all this awesome material May Allah place them in the scales of your good deeds on the Day of Judgement – Amr

[ Expert of Arabic and Owner of LisanulAraborg website]


The lessons have had Thousands of views already al-hamdulillah, so I decided to make it in Book form so it’s better organized, and easier to print for you guys

Contact: LinguisticMiracle@gmailcom for support


  • Introduction – – P3
  • Lesson 1: 3 Letter Patterns – P4
  • Lesson 2: 2 Letter Verbs (Doing Words)  – P5
  • Lesson 3: 2 Letter Words (Connectives)  – P6
  • Lesson 4: 1 letter Words  – P8
  • Practise Test
  • Lesson 5: 3 Letter Words – Past Tense  – P12
  • Lesson 6: 3 Letter Words – Present-Future Tense  – P14
  • 3 Letter Words Summary –  – P16
  • Lesson 7: Possession – his, her, their, our etc  – P17
  • Lesson 8: 1 Object (Singular) | 2 Objects (Dual) | 3 Objects + (Sound Plural)  – P18
  • Lesson 9: Broken Plurals –  – P20
  • Lesson 10: Verb Patterns Table *Muscling up Words*  – P21
  • Lesson 11: I’raab – the “Moods” of a Word: –   – P24
  • Lesson 12: Harf al Jarr & MaJzoom –    – P26
  • Online Resources: Dictionaries | Books | Websites | Arabic-Typing softwares  – P27
  • Balaaghah & Eloquence Gems:
  • Past tense vs Present-Future tense  – P28
  • Noun (constant) vs Verb (temporary)
  • Female Plural for non-female Objects = Handful (less than 10)  – P29
  • Exclusivity (taQdeem / IkhtiSaaS)  – P30
  • What you’ve learnt from this Book:  – P31
  • What Next?  – P31
  • Let’s Practise what we’ve Learnt:  – P32
  • Other Books by the Same Author:  – P36

 Introduction: Is this Book for You?

These lessons are created for people who already know how to read Arabic with vowel markings – but can’t understand it, and will allow you to understand Arabic within 2 weeks (if you’re a really good memorizer), or a month (if you’re a slower memorizer) inshaa’ Allah However you will continuously have to refer to these tables for revision for maximum benefit

How does it work?

I have made some coloured Learning Tables, you have to memorize them And we move onto the next lesson Simple (smile)

Also note, you may find the order of the lessons abit strange (ie see the Contents page – I have made the 3 letter Patterns lesson earlier than 1 letter words lesson), but that is done to make it easier for you to digest the language

Arabic Layout:

Arabic is made up of; 1 Letter words, 2 Letter words, 3 letter words, and sometimes 4 letter words

I will work gradually in presenting 1 Table per lesson, you have to memorize the table as much as you can I will then briefly give an explanation of that Table Then we move onto the next lesson I will then give a practise Test after a few lessons

After 2 weeks:

Once you have memorized the tables altogether, you will have got a strong feel of how Arabic language works This will make it extremely easy for you to understand the language when reading and hearing; Qur’an, Sunnah, or an Arabic speech etc

NOTE: you can download all the tables from HERE at once in ZIP format

Last Advice:

You have to make du’a (prayer) to Allah if you really want to learn Arabic, and Allah will help you It worked for me, alhamdulillah!

Lesson 1: 3 Letter Patterns

What you should know:

  1. – Most words in Arabic are made up of 3 Lettered words
  2. 3 Letter words usually describe the Doer (noun) or the ‘Doing’ (verb)
  • – These 3 Letter words have different vowel markings (tashkeel) on them 4 – The vowel markings tell us if the 3 letter word is a ‘Doer’ or a ‘Doing’

5 – I have used the example: ‘DaRB’ = to Hit [verb/doing word] The 3 Root Letters are; D-R-B (Hit) To make ‘DaRB’ into a ‘Doer’ [noun] would be to add the marking signs; ‘DaaRiB’ = HittER

Your Task: Memorize this table, along with the different vowel patterns And use the examples to practise it to other 3 Letter words

Practise Example #1: (ie QaTL [Q-T-L] = to Fight | QaaTiL = FightER | QiTaaL = FightING etc]

Lesson 2: 2 Letter Verbs (Doing words)

To read more about the Understand Arabic book Click the download button below to get it for free


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