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understanding the life of prophet pdf download

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 Understanding The Life Of Prophet
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Imam Al-Ghazali
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A Message and a Leader

Paganism Ruled the Ancient Civilizations

The history of the mankind is sorrowful. Ever since Adam, May Peace be upon him, and his children descended on earth, as time went by and civilizations flourished and generations rose on the remains of others, humans have been a motley mixture. If one day they are on the right track, they are lost for days soon after, and if they see the light of truth once, then the darkness of falsehood engulfs them many times (thereafter). If we were to scrutinize the history of the mankind in the light of belief in Allah and preparation for the Hereafter, we should find the world closely resembling a drunkard whose periods of drunkenness exceed his sobriety, or a sick man who is delirious and does not know what he says.

□ Although in experiences with themselves and their world, there are men’s many deterrents from committing evil and many incentives to do good, but overwhelming passion cannot be subdued by knowledge alone.

How much of the world’s life expired before the appearance of Muhammad? Many centuries brought a wealth of experience and knowledge and encouraged the growth of the arts and sciences, philosophies and ideas. In spite of that, however, frivolity became the rule and many nations fell without achieving the status to which they aspired.

 Look at the fate of the civilizations of Egypt and Greece, India and China, Persia and Rome. I do not mean their fate from the political point of view, but from the aspect of feelings and reason. Contemptible paganism destroyed them and made them fall into this miserable pit. And the human being, whom Allah appointed as His superior vicegerent in the heavens and on the earth, became a slave subservient to the lowliest thing in these places. What else could there be after cows and calves are hallowed, wood and stones are worshipped? Entire nations became polluted with such perversions. Paganism comes from within the self and not from the environment. Just as sad people apply their feelings to their surroundings and frightened people imagine objects to be ghosts, similarly deformed personalities will apply their stupidity and sterility to their surroundings, and deify the stones and the animals.

0 Only when the small heart widens, the dormant thought awakens and people return to their lofty ideals, these pagan impressions will disappear automatically. Thus, the first work for the faith is within men and women themselves, for it is of no benefit in the fight against paganism simply to slaughter the holy cows and smash the proud idols while hearts remain in their previous darkness. The worshippers will just search for other gods to bow before and make offerings. There are many pagans in this world, though they have never n1et over an altar, and how quickly they ignore the real presence of their Lord and run after some new illusion.

0 Superstition does not follow its course in life by announcing its falsehood and exposing its nonsense. It conceals its shamelessness with the clothing of earnestness. It borrows the accepted wear of truth and may even adopt some of its premises and conclusions before adorning itself for the gullible.

This is how paganism acts. It attacks the true religion and its plain realities, not as the bee attacks the flowers of spring, but as the worms break down and waste a fertile soil. Or locusts attack the luxurious gardens and turn them into barren wastelands. Now, if it corrupts what it leaves, then it will not correct what it takes, and if what it takes was good before it reached it, then it will become harmful after it has been turned into poison in its stomach.

 This is the secret why paganism, which does not know Allah (a€), claims to come closer to Him and seek His pleasure through its idols: a portion of truth in portions of falsehood, in a context which definitely diverts people from Allah (ii;) and removes them from Allah’s presence.

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