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Uniform Civil Code pdf download

  • Book Title:
 Uniform Civil Code
  • Book Author:
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
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Book contents

  • The Constitution –Unnecessarily Lengthy
  • Nehru Report
  • The Verdict of the Supreme Court
  • Article of the Constitution
  • Religious Freedom–An Irrevocable Right
  • Religion and Personal Law
  • Common Code and National Unity
  • Justice Kuldip Singh’s Judgment
  • The Rift in Society–The Legacy of the British
  • Common Code–No Means to Bring About
  • Uniformity
  • The Reaction of the Intellectuals
  • Guru Golwalkar on Uniform Civil Law
  • The Order of Nature
  • Impracticable
  • The Limitations of Law
  • The Issue of Conversion
  • Clause Worth Eliminating
  • Uni-Culture Nation or Multi-Culture Nation
  • The Scare of Increasing Population
  • Adjustment, Not Equality
  • The Customs of Hindu Communities
  • The Actual Need: National Character
  • The Importance of Education
  • Education Is Not for the Sake of Service
  • What Is Actually Needed
  • Advise to Muslims

Advise to Muslims

In conclusion, I would request Muslims in the matter of the present judgment of the Supreme Court (1995) not to repeat the mistake they made in the case of a former judgment (1985) of the Supreme Court.

Ten years ago when the Supreme Court passed a judgment in the Shah Bano case, Muslims all over the country protested by launching a series of rallies and processions, which directly benefited the extremist Hindu elements of the country.

Now, once again, these elements are waiting for Muslims to be provoked and come to the streets so that they may raise the alarm or a Muslim danger, in order to build up their vote-bank.

The judgment of the Supreme Court in its present form is in no way a danger to Muslims. But if Muslims adopt similar protest methods once again, that could certainly turn into a danger.

This world is one of challenge and competition.

Here everyone is waiting for a chance to make use of others’ weakness. One man sees his opportunity when another is provoked by unpleasantness into taking a hasty step. That is why the Quran states:

Bear up then with patience, as did the steadfast messengers before you, and do not seek to hurry on (46:35).

The way of patience denies your rival the opportunity to exploit your weakness. The impatient way leads you into such errors as cause you to fall an easy victim to others’ plots.

Plots may surely be hatched all around, but whether or not you fall a victim to them lies in your own hands. Herein lies the secret of success for any individual or group so targeted.

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