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Vietnam Why Did We Go? PDF DOWNLOAD

Book Title Vietnam Why Did We Go
Book AuthorAvro Manhattan
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Vietnam Why Did We Go? by Avro Manhattan Vietnam

Vietnam Why Did We Go?

Beginnings of an Unholy War from a Religious Perspective By Avro Manhattan, The Shocking Story of the Catholic “Church’s” Role in Starting the Vietnam War Manhattan, Avro (1914-1990). 

Avro Manhattan was the world’s leading political authority on Roman Catholicism. 

He was a London resident who ran a radio station named “Radio Freedom” that aired to occupied Europe during WWII. 

Manhattan demonstrates that the Vietnam War began as a religious battle with an enormous collection of facts, images, names, and dates.

He demonstrates how the United States was duped into backing Catholic persecution in Vietnam in the name of fighting communism. 

Manhattan describes how one million Catholics were persuaded to leave North Vietnam and live under Catholic control in the South, crushing the Buddhists.

 How the persecution of Vietnamese Buddhists resulted in unrest and public suicides by fire. 

Why did reports produced by American military and civilian advisers about what was really going on fail to reach the US President?

Why did the efforts backfired, and why did the Vatican make a secret deal with Ho Chi Minh as American soldiers continued to die?

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