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📘 Book Title Woman In The Shade Of Islam
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Woman in the shade of Islam


It has been recorded in recent history that many calls have been made for women’s rights.

Calls for women’s freedom, liberation and equal rights with men have been heard all over the world. Such calls are acceptable in societies and countries where women are neither given their due rights nor are being fairly and justly treated.

It is stunning and surprising, however, to hear such calls in Islamic societies where women have been fairly treated and were given their rights more than fourteen hundred years ago, and without any calls made by them, or rather by their advocates.

Close examination of the slogans announced and called for by the women’s liberation movement shows that they hinge on the following three elements:

  • Calling for women’s liberation
  • Calling for women’s equal rights with men
  • Demanding for women’s rights

Calling for Women’s Liberation

The word “liberation” indicates, first, that there are certain shackles, limitations, and bonds, restrictions or chains in place.

 Thus, we believe that there are many fallacies or distortions in using the term “women’s liberation.” The term “women’s liberation” indicates that women are enslaved, and they must be liberated; that is not the case, indeed.

Absolute liberty is, rather, impossible. Man is naturally restricted and has many limitations due to his limited abilities and capabilities.

Man, in general, in any given society, primitive or civilized, lives under certain laws, rules and regulations that normally govern his life and organize all various affairs of life. Does that mean, by any standard, that man is not sovereign, independent or free?

Freedom or liberty has, therefore, certain limits which, if exceeded, will lead to uncivilized activities which do not abide by any laws, rules, regulations or standards.

Islam is the first law, or system of living, which granted women freedom and liberation.

It granted women the right to deal with society directly, rather than dealing via a guardian who is officially responsible and in charge of running all the woman’s affairs (economically, socially, politically and otherwise).

Islam has forbidden women from being publicly indecent, sexually provocative and acting as a sex agent, subject or any similar form. This is a freedom from which the male in Islam, equally, as well, has been stripped.

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