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Wonders of Allah’s Creation pdf

Wonders of Allah's Creation - 3.82 - 146
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 Wonders of Allah’s Creation

Wonders of Allah’s Creation by Harun Yahya is a thought-provoking book that seeks to answer some of the fundamental questions we have about the universe and our existence. The book is aimed at children and young adults who have a natural curiosity about the world around them. It aims to provide them with accurate information about the wonders of Allah’s creation, as opposed to the false stories told by evolutionists.

Harun Yahya, the author of the book, was born in Ankara in 1956 and has written extensively on faith-related and scientific issues. He is well-known for his works that expose the invalidity of the theory of evolution. Yahya has written books that have been translated into several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, and Malay.

The book begins by posing several questions that children might have about the world around them, such as how the universe was formed, how the sun and moon came into existence, and how living things appeared on earth. Yahya explains that all of these things were created by Allah and that evolutionists tell false stories about the origin of the universe and life.

The book is divided into several chapters, each of which explores a different topic related to Allah’s creation. One chapter discusses the amazing features of the creatures around us, such as the unique abilities of different animals. Another chapter explains how colourful plants emerge from the soil and how they get their colours and scents. Yahya also examines the theory of evolution and shows how it cannot explain the origin of species and the complexity of life.

Yahya also exposes the falsehoods propagated by evolutionists, such as the idea that fish evolved into reptiles and that humans evolved from apes. He shows how the fossil record does not support these claims and that evolutionists cannot explain the sudden appearance of complex life forms during the Cambrian period.

The book also looks at the DNA in our bodies and shows how it is a data bank that contains all the information needed to create a human being. Yahya explains that Allah is the creator of all and that everything in the universe is a sign of His existence and power.

Overall, “Wonders of Allah’s Creation” is a fascinating and eye-opening book that encourages children to think deeply about the world around them. The book is written in a clear and straightforward style that is easy for young readers to understand. The illustrations in the book are also beautiful and help to bring the subject matter to life. This is a book that every child should read, as it provides them with accurate information about Allah’s creation and the falsehoods propagated by evolutionists.

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