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Closer Than a Garment pdf download

Closer Than a Garment : Marital Intimacy According to the Pure Sunnah 

Closer Than a Garment
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 Closer Than A Garment Marital Intimacy According To The Pure Sunnah
  • Book Author:
Muhammad al-Jibaly
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About the Book

This book is like an extension of explanation of marriage issues according an Islamic discourse by Mustafa al-Jibaly’s book called quest for love and mercy which encompasses marriage regulations and weddings. In this book the shaykh explains some of the ambiguous issues like awrah (nakedness) and others. It is one of the books which expresses a precise and concise expression of Islamic legal and ethical issues in Islamic dogma.


  • Opening Sermon
  • Our Mission:
  • Purification and Cultivation
  • Purifying Our Sources of Knowledge
  • Purifying Our Beliefs
  • Purifying Our Actions
  •  Becoming True Followers of the Salaf
  • Inviting to the Pure Religion
  • Presenting the Islamic Solution


  • Awareness of Allāh
  • Having a Correct Perception of Intimacy Rewards in Pleasure
  • Supplication Before Intercourse Immediate Sexual Fulfillment
  • The Man Should Hurry to Fulfill His Desire with His Wife The Wife Should Fulfill Her Husband’s Desire
  • The Husband Should Fulfill His Wife’s Desire Approaching the Wife from Any Side Intimacy with a Menstruating Wife
  •  Successive Intercourses
  • Closer than a Garment
  • Successive Intercourses with One Wife
  • Successive Intercourses with More than One Wife Man’s and Woman’s Fluids
  • Cause for Baby’s Gender
  • Cause for Resemblance Removing the Armpit and Pubic Hair Summary of Etiquettes of Intimacy


  • A Strong Prohibition Deserves Allāh’s Curse
  • Worldly Punishment Intercourse During Menses Oral Sex Exposing Intimate Secrets


  • Causes of Janābah
  •  Intercourse Interrupted Intercourse Ejaculation Women’s Ejaculation
  • What to Do When in Doubt Permissible Things for a Junub
  • Sitting with Other People Mentioning Allāh
  • Touching the Qur’an or Reciting It Entering a Masjid
  • Other Actions Hurrving to Perform Ghusl
  • Angels’ Abandonment Recommendation of Hurrying Permission to Postpone Ghusl and Perform Wudū Instead Wudū Is Not Compulsory
  • Closer than a Garment
  • A Separate Ghusl for Each Intercourse Method of Performing Ghusl
  •  The Prophet’s Ghusl Summary Women’s Braids
  • No Need for Wudū after Ghusl Tayammum in the Absence of Water
  • A Practical Permission Description of Tayammum Asking Is the Cure for Ignorance Finding Water after Performing Tayammum
  • A Quick Way for Achieving sahārah Etiquettes for Performing Ghusl
  •  Moderateness in Using Water Avoiding Exposure Prohibition of Urination in a Water Basin Permission for the Two Spouses to Share the Same Water
  • Disapproval of Using Someone’s Residual Water for Ghusl Cleaning from Seminal and Pre-Seminal Excretions
  • Cleaning from Pre-Seminal Excretions Cleaning from Semen


  •  Introduction Mahrams
  •  Obligation of Covering the ‘Awrah
  •  Man’s Awrah
  • The Knees and Navel Lightened ‘Awrah Woman’s ‘Awrah ‘Awrah between Spouses
  • Awrah between Members of the Same Gender Covering the “Awrah from Jinns Undressing Outside the Home
  • Closer than a Garment


  •  General Criteria
  • Unlawful Looking
  •  Zinā of the Eye The Obligation of Lowering the Gaze
  • Prohibition of Staring Other Forms of “Minor” Zinā
  • Exposing Intimate Secrets Describing a Woman to a Stranger Zinā of the Tongue and Ear Zinā of the Hand Inviting the Nose to Zinā
  • Khulwah The Dayyūth


  • Introduction and Definition Plights and Harms
  • Zinā Is One of the Worst Sins Zinā Is Not a Quality of the Believers
  • Loss of Imān Painful Punishment in this Life ,
  •  Punishment of Unmarried Fornicators Punishment of a Married Adulterer Stoning Mā’iz Bin Mālik Stoning the Woman from Ghāmid Retraction of a Text but Not its Ruling ‘Alī Stones an Adulteress Reason for the Severe Punishment
  • Desertion Sexually Transmitted Diseases Punishment in the Grave Punishment in the Hereafter Proving Zinā
  • Three Different Ways
  • Requiring Four Witnesses Exception in the Case of a Man Accusing His Wife
  • A Great Slander Protection Against Zinā
  •  Remembering Allāh Awareness of Allāh Fearing Allāh and Restraining Desires Prayer Fasting Supplication Remembering the High Rewards of the Abstainers Taking Example in the Righteous Other Means


  • Introduction Masturbation
  • Ruling Causes Harms
  • Protection and Cure Homosexuality
  • Sodomy
  • Lesbianism Other Perversions and Aberrations
  • Bestiality Rape Child Molesting Incest Nudism Open Sex and Orgies Fetishes


  • Birth Control Methods
  • Islām Encourages Birth ‘Azl (Coitus Interruptus)
  • Permission of ‘Azł ‘Azl Does Not Interfere with the Creation Disapproval of Azl
  • Secret Wa’d Celibacy
  •  Castration
  •  Stages of Embryogeny Fatwās by the ‘Ulamā
  • Al-Albānī Ibn Bāz Al-‘Uthaymīn
  • Al-Fawzān Summary

Preface: The Muslim Family – CLOSER THAN A GARMENT

“The Muslim Family” is a series of books that presents detailed discussions relating to the family life, starting with courting and marriage, and extending into raising children according to Islam. To­date, this series consists of the following titles:

  • The Quest for Love & Mercy Regulations for Marriage & Wedding in Islam
  • Closer than a Garment Marital Intimacy According to the Pure Sunnah
  • The Fragile Vessels Rights and Obligations between the Spouses in Islam
  • Our Precious Sprouts Islamic Regulations for Newborns

The first three parts of this series, including this current book, deal with various aspects of marriage.

Marriage holds a position of perpetual significance· because of the central role it plays in the human life. It is not surprising, therefore, that the scholars of Islam have discussed it in extensive writings through the ages.

Under the contemporary influence of non-Islamic cultures, many misconceptions have been introduced into various areas of Islam – spilling into issues of marriage, divorce, and other family-related matters.

Viewing the needs and concerns of the Muslims who are forced to live in such alien environments, we find that most Islamic writings on marriage are restricted in scope – having been written for different cultures and backgrounds.

This leaves quite a large gap that needs to be filled for the benefit of the English-speaking Muslims – which is what we attempt to fulfill in this 3-book set that covers various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah:

The first book discusses the importance and advantages of marriage

The first book discusses the importance and advantages of marriage, selecting a spouse, the courting process, the marriage contract, the wedding celebration, the walimah, and forbidden marriages. It provides a practical procedure for performing the marriage contract and includes a model marriage certificate.

The second book discusses the proper etiquettes of marital intimacy, forbidden acts of intimacy, the perils of zina, and birth control. It answers many frequently-asked questions about various acts of intimacy.

The third book discusses the rights and obligations of the two spouses. It includes brief biographies of the Mothers of the Believers, realistic pictures from the life of the Prophet (ii) with his wives, and a complete discussion of the Hadith of Umm Zar’.

This series deals with marriage and other family issues in a practical approach, taking advantage of the author’s years of experience in the field of marriage and counseling. Each book serves as a complete handbook within its scope – providing reliable knowledge based on authentic evidence from Allah’s Book and His Messenger’s (A) Sunnah.


This is the second book in the marriage series. It deals with sexuality in Islam according to the pure texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Muslims’ moral standards are badly influenced in our time by Western principles that mostly derive from materialism and disbelief. The power of media, represented in newspapers, magazines, cable, satellite, internet, etc., has poisoned the minds in a way unprecedented in human history.

Decadence and corruption have become “civilized” standards that are commonly approved and preached! This has introduced major deviation in the understanding and practice of sexuality for many contemporary Muslims.This book is an attempt to brush away many of those deviant ideas

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